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Even though the EU delegates admitted that; “We recognised, everybody, does, that there is an unbearable vaccination gap that has to be closed … between Africa and Europe,” the diplomats still said no vaccine patent waiver for Africa.

Also, despite scientists warning of the possibility of new Covid variants developing in Africa and the fact that just 5 per cent of Africa has been inoculated, the EU still said no to easing vaccine access to Africa.

The African Union (AU) had expected some sought of EU backing for targeted and time-limited Trips Waiver on vaccines. Trips stand for: Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual-Property Rights and a waiver would have made it affordable for Africa to produce the vaccines in Africa.…

Eurafrican has just announced the theme edition for this year’s edition of its acclaimed forum: In Search for a Common Ground.

Now on its third edition, the forum remains one of the most insightful gathering of minds to bridge the relations between Europe and Africa that I’ve ever had the privilege of participating.

The 2020 edition promises to look for new opportunities for both continents as it unveils its theme In Search for a Common Ground. The program will focus on key topics as Africa and Europe relations, Free Trade Agreements, Climate Change, African Arts and Culture, Infrastructure, Connectivity and Off-grid solutions.

Over 700 African and European changemakers are expected at the event, including entrepreneurs, artists, activists, public and private decision leaders. The event will take place in Cascais, Portugal, on July 2nd and 3rd 2020.

“It is now time to establish a structured cooperation between Africa and Europe,