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A considerable gap exists between symbol and substance regarding an African climate change approach. Foreign leaders often nod to how Africa accounts for only four per cent of global emissions but bears the brunt of the devastating climate change effects. Rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and ecosystem disruptions threaten millions of Africans’ livelihoods.

For many communities across the continent, the climate threat is already existential. With 18 per cent of the global population, Africa has 16 of the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative.…

Africa Climate Summit
  • Currently, East Africa is reeling from the effects of the worst drought on record; extreme heat is ravaging northern Africa while flash floods remain a constant threat.  
  • This is despite the continent contributing the least to global warming and having the lowest carbon emissions on record.
  • According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change impacts under all climate scenarios above 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

Over the past few years, the frequency and intensity of adverse effects of climate change in different African nations has been on the rise. Rising temperatures, floods, and droughts are as a result of climate change yet the continent contributes the least carbon emissions. 

However, resultant collateral damage is posing systemic risks to the continent’s economies. Infrastructure investments, water and food systems, public health, agriculture, and livelihoods are at risk, threatening to undo Africa’s modest development gains. Left unchecked,

  • COP28 President-Designate Dr Sultan Al Jaber says Africa is a leading force in energy transition and there is a need for increased finance.
  • Dr Al Jaber calls on the international community to unite on international climate finance, citing progress at a recent meeting of major global economists in Abu Dhabi.
  • Dr Al Jaber held meetings with African leaders in Ethiopia to discuss the COP28 climate finance and energy transition agenda. He called on the leaders to share their priority outcomes and key contributions for COP28.

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, the President-Designate of COP28, delivered a compelling address at the nineteenth session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), outlining his vision for the upcoming COP28 and emphasizing the critical need for adaptation of climate finance and an accelerated energy transition in Africa.

Climate finance critical in energy transition

AMCEN, a vital partner to COP28, convenes environment ministers from …

Climate change

Policymakers must advocate for pooling resources to support the most affected, particularly in Africa. They can financially support and share land restoration and climate adaptation technologies. Collaborations to expand inclusion that can attain a new paradigm in climate change mitigation.

The leaders of the major polluting nations and donor countries, as well as the leaders of African nations—must commit to implementing policies, allocating resources, and taking the necessary actions to address the deteriorating climate situations globally.…

COP 27 what's in it for Africa

The calls for concrete, concomitant, and substantive actions against carbon emissions are not an exaggeration. The effects of climate change are obvious, even for the casual observer to see. Presently a devastating hurricane, Ian has made landfall on the United States coast of Florida. The tropical storm which tore through Cuba and made landfall in the United States a day ago has reportedly left an estimated 2.5 million people without electricity.

NBC News called hurricane Ian one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the United States. The hurricane it is said, has caused devastation and flooding that has left residents of Miami and Florida trapped in their homes. Hurricane Ian has been described as a category 4 hurricane with speeds of as much as 150 miles per hour or 240 kilometres per hour. Speeds like that make such a storm a threat to life and property. President Joe …

Africa is at the core of the global climate change catastrophe.

Africa’s fast population growth exacerbates the issue. According to most estimates, Africa’s population will double by 2050 and then double again by 2100, finally reaching over 4 billion by the end of the century. Feeding Africa’s rising population will need considerable breakthroughs in the continent’s food systems.

However, agricultural progress may be difficult if African farmers are subjected to more severe climatic effects. To prepare for these future difficulties, one must understand how climate change will materialize in Africa and its impact on the continent’s agricultural systems.…

The flooding crisis in Africa (1)

Has Africa stumbled upon an environmental apocalypse? The numerous natural disasters that have descended upon the continent hitherto—from the plague of desert locusts that have ambushed the Horn of Africa, tropical storms, floods across Eastern and Central Africa, severe droughts and heat waves to massive cyclones whose devastating effects are still felt across Southern Africa. The aftermath is a trail of death and destruction, threatening to erode hard-won development that most African countries have struggled to achieve, inflicting cascading economic consequences. Loss of lives, displacement of people, sources of income compromised, destruction of infrastructure and numerous development projects have been the ill-fated victims across the continent and have succumbed, in the wake of these natural disasters, to such events that have all stemmed from climate change.  …

kenya drought

Over the years, various climatic disasters have occurred, notably the recent Cyclone Idai that hit the continent’s south-eastern part. Various more catastrophic weather events continue to affect the continent socially and economically. Kenya, which relies on its agricultural sector’s performance, has evidenced a sustained and growing divergence between farm production and consumption. Notable air masses like the El Nino and La Nina have had substantial negative impacts on coastal countries such as Kenya due to rising sea levels caused by changing oceanic climatic conditions.


Kenya has been forecasted to face another severe dry spell this year as a result of La Nina. La Nina, an air mass typical of cold weather, which is not ideal for rainfall, has been hitting the east coastal country nearly every five years. In 2016, 2.7 million people were affected by a hunger crisis, and the majority of them displaced. A notable concern in such …

Effects of Covid-19 on climate change

Reducing greenhouse emissions will reduce the impact and costs associated with climate change, but the world must also plan for, finance and implement, climate change adaptation measures or face serious costs, losses and damages. 

This is according to a recent report released by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The study highlights some of the challenges faced by countries that are likely to slow down the reduction of greenhouse emissions.  …

President Joe Biden and Africa Relations - The Exchange

th?id=OIPAfrica is suffering the worst from the effects of global warming. The continent is the least prepared to respond to adverse weather changes brought about by global warming.

The devastating effects range from unpredictable weather that is causing floods and famine across the continent. The economic impact for agriculture dependent Africa is huge. This is why Joe Biden’s win is very important for Africa.

Biden is clearly for action against global warming the least of which not been his outright statement that his administration will bring America back into the Paris Climate Deal. The Paris Agreement is a direct response to climate change in which countries from around the world have agreed to cut down their green house gas emissions to check global warming.

The US was part of the deal, that is until Donald Trump came into the picture and pulled the US out of the deal.

If Trump …