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SDG goal 05

Describing the EDGE Certification launch process as ‘a public declaration that we will continue to improve our gender index,’ Magala affirmed commitment to focus on what she described as ‘…capacity development initiatives that will move us towards a gender-equal Bank.”

What this means, as pointed out before, is not only more employment opportunities for women but promotions to high executive positions.

No one put it better that Magala when she said; “Ultimately, the EDGE certification process is changing the gender DNA of the bank.”

In this transformation process, the Bank maintains transparency and calls to both employees and stakeholders to hold the Bank accountable for any gender prejudice.…

affordable housing kenya

The government’s plan, under what was dubbed the Big 4 Agenda was to see low-cost housing provided for those earning between KSh15,000 (US$150) to KSh49,000 (US$50). There was also a plan to cover those with little or no income at all. 

But questions on how the houses would be allocated threw cold water on the project which sounded like a scam every time government officials tried to explain the proposal and how it would work.…

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