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USE concedes failure of SME capital mobilising segment, creates new window.

The USE Edaala will also facilitate private companies with numerous shareholders benefits from the deficiencies provided by existing trading and depository platforms with shareholders being able to trade their shares should they wish to divest their stock and utilise portfolio management tools.

The application period for the first cohort is expected to close on December 8, after which the USE will conduct an assessment of the applicants for eligibility.

Through the new segment, companies will be able to access long term capital through private placements, access to a wider pool of domestic and international investors, flexible admission and regulatory compliance requirements, among others.

Capital is the main fuel of every business, no matter what size. However, sometimes a business can face monetary constraints and a shortage of funds. In such a scenario, business finance can help power up the enterprise.…

Uganda leads East Africa in ease of access to foreign exchange, according to Absa Africa Financial Market Index 2019.

According to the index, Uganda scored 70 out of 100 points compared to Rwanda with 66, Kenya with 65 and Tanzania with 60. Burundi was not surveyed.

Foreign exchange access continues to be a pillar growth across the African continent.

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The Absa Africa Financial Markets Index highlights economies with the clearest growth prospects and evaluates financial market development in 20 countries.

The index seeks to show how economies can improve market frameworks to meet investor expectations and sustainable growth.

“Uganda performs strongly … with almost the same score as top-ranked South Africa. It has a high level of foreign reserves relative to net portfolio investment flows and enough reserves to cover more than four months of imports,” said Mr Jeff Gable, the …