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Kenya Extends Curfew, Updates you should Know!

Kenya has extended the ongoing COVID-19 curfew for another two months. Making the announcement before press at the start of the week, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta said the nationwide curfew is intended to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Not only has the length of the curfew been pushed forward 60 days but also the day to day curfew hours have also been extended.

The curfew hours will now run from 11pm to 4 am having been extended from the previously 9 pm-4 am.

President Kenyatta went on to explain that even though there is a notable drop in the spread of COVID-19 infections, the country is better off taken utmost precaution so the trend does not take a turn for the worst.

It is reported that so far,  the country’s infection rate has dropped from the highs of 13 percent in June down


When there is conflict, it is the general society and businesses that suffer the most, in fact business should be at the forefront of advocacy for peace.

With almost every element of business going digital, the question of digital platforms been used for radical sentiments is not a political agenda but a socio-economic one.

There is need to take concerted action to promote and facilitate peace especially now, in an age where social media is been used to spread radical content online. Social media and other digital platforms are also very powerful tools to prevent conflict and extremism and promote greater understanding and tolerance.

“We have to take steps to ensure we instill seeds of peace and tolerance for one another, and social media is a great platform to reach youth to promote peace” Martha Nghambi the, Country Director for Global Peace Foundation Tanzania asserted.

Speaking to media over the …


Kenya is heavily in debt; granted it is not the only East African country to find itself neck deep in debt but it certainly is the only one trying to raise the debt ceiling, every subsequent administration.

Last year, President Kenyatta appointed a new economist to lead the country’s National Treasury and just like his predecessor, his first order of business was to seek constitutional amendment so that the country could borrow more.

As of October 2019, Kenya’s legislators had been swayed to raise the country’s debt ceiling to USD 84.5 billion (Sh9 trillion). All is good when the money is flowing in, but when the roosters come home to roost and the cash flow takes an outward projector, the weight of it all starts to sink in.

That is where Kenya has found itself—smack in the middle of paying a whopping USD8.5 billion (Sh904.7 billion) in debt servicing. Even …