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The government of Tanzania,  has carefully laid out its plans to boost the mining sector in the country.

The country is now adopting robust measures, within legal and operational lines to ensure the country gets optimum benefits from this. It has also announced plans to set up trading centers are established as well as spruce up value addition efforts.

Since Tanzania’s President John Magufuli came to power, various strategic sectors have been under heavy scrutiny and vital changes, necessary for a robust Tanzanian success story, primarily the minerals sector—a rather high-earning sector in Tanzania.

From the Acacia Mining saga to local securing sustainable small miners’ welfare, the government has immensely waged its efforts to improve mining operations and minerals trading in Tanzania, including: the erection of the Mererani wall (3 meters high, 24.5 kilometers long and worth over $2.6 million) and establishment of minerals trading centers across the country.

The …