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Multinational companies will cut suppliers for failing to curb carbon emissions, with 78 per cent of multinationals (MNCs) planning to remove suppliers that endanger their carbon transition plan by 2025.

This is according to a new study by Standard Chartered which says that this could mean a loss in export revenue of USD3.9 billion for Kenyan suppliers who fail to transition alongside their MNC partners.

As per the finding, 87 per cent of MNCs with a supply chain in Kenya have set emission reduction targets for their suppliers, asking for an average reduction of 35 per cent by 2025.

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However, the study also reveals a USD1.6tn market opportunity for suppliers who decarbonise in line with MNC net-zero plans.

According to the Carbon Dated report, which looks at the risks and opportunities for suppliers in emerging and fast-growing markets as large corporates …

Fair trade is a fairy tale that belongs in a children’s fiction book. Just think—a fair playing ground is what every mom and pop shop has been crying for, for years. Yet every waking day, their tears fall on deaf ears, they seem to constantly draw the short end of the stick while the competition always gets the better deal.

To unravel this unfair ‘fair trade’ mystery, you have to first understand who or what the competition is. What makes the playing ground so uneven and how do you tip things in favour of small business?

Did you catch that? To even the field, you have to favour one side. Let us bring things into perspective here. Small businesses are being boxed out of businesses by multi-national corporations. These monstrosities of strategized mergers feed on one thing: takeovers.

Either they buy you out or you will, sooner than later, close…