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In this column called “The Indicator,” we will be taking an economic or financial statistic from East Africa and breaking it down into bite-sized nuggets of knowledge for investors. 

This month’s indicator figure is 38,402,400. 

38,402,400 of what? 

Property rights are the basic foundation of capitalism, trade, and investment.  There is land underneath each of our feet that is cultivated by industries such as agriculture, construction, banking and dozens more.   

An estimated 38,402,400 or 22% of all people living in East African Community (EAC) countries feel insecure about their rights to their primary home or land.  This is according to a recent study of 140 countries by Prindex, an organization focused on helping to increase property rights for citizens around the world.       

What do you mean by insecure property rights?  

Despite what laws or legislation is on the books of a country, insecurity around property rights of land