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Over 22 million people face a dire lack of food in the Horn of Africa. Climate change, Russia-Ukraine war worsening food shortage in EAC as Tanzania invests millions of dollars to develop over 12 irrigation schemes in one year. Photo/ABCNews

The Horn of Africa region – Eritirea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Somali – has faced persistent food shortages due to a mix of climatic conditions and conflict in some parts of the region. Over 22 million people face a dire lack of food, a decade after setting the global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Four consecutive seasons of failed rains in the region and in Northern Kenya has threatened to further exacerbate the food situation in the Horn.

The single known reason why rains are failing in what is supposed to be the world’s most rain rich region is climate change, and that is not a natural disaster, it is man made.

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Weather patterns have changed. Seasons have become unpredictable. The phenomenon explains itself, weather, by definition is the condition of the atmosphere at any given time, but climate is the noted weather patterns …

SDG goal 05

Describing the EDGE Certification launch process as ‘a public declaration that we will continue to improve our gender index,’ Magala affirmed commitment to focus on what she described as ‘…capacity development initiatives that will move us towards a gender-equal Bank.”

What this means, as pointed out before, is not only more employment opportunities for women but promotions to high executive positions.

No one put it better that Magala when she said; “Ultimately, the EDGE certification process is changing the gender DNA of the bank.”

In this transformation process, the Bank maintains transparency and calls to both employees and stakeholders to hold the Bank accountable for any gender prejudice.…