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You have a debtor, it is time for them to pay, you pick up your mobile phone dial the number and the most annoying automatic response comes on; ‘Sorry, the number you are calling is not available.’ 

Upset you hang up and redial, same message, now you are really getting mad, you hang up redial and voilà! You are connected. You exchange a barrage of why are you switching off your phone, they reply no, my phone was on, you finally settle on, it must be bad network! 

Sound familiar? 

Well here is some good news, finally the telecomm services watchdog, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has taken note of this poor service ordeal and taken action. 

Six telecoms fined for poor service delivery

Six major mobile phone operators have been slapped fines reaching a grand total of USD16.4 million for what authorities describe as ‘violation


The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) has aligned various approved policy measures necessary for rescuing the economy from gruesome effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has already demonstrated its impacts by destabilizing the tourism and aviation sector in Tanzania.

The bank announced the new move on Tuesday, through a statement.

As Tanzania still records nearly 500 confirmed cases and 16 deaths, the central bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), which met on 8 May 2020, agreed on the measures to “safeguard the financial sector stability and continue facilitating the financial intermediation process” according to the central bank’s statement.

How local banks get saved

Tanzanian business shutdown and some worrying about their loan repayment schedules, the central bank has emerged with a rather customized solution to aid the banking and business community in that manner.

The bank has urged banks and other financial institutions to assess financial challenges faced by borrowers triggered …

Tanzania, one of East Africa’s largest economy is executing a phase-based sim cards shutdown across the country, following the set deadline of biometric sim card registration.

The procedure comes at hard times when, only 28.4 million sim cards have been registered by January 19, while Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) statistics show 48.8 million active sim cards are active in Tanzania.

In a nation with more than 55 million people, mobile services have become the most pervasive communications platform in Tanzania; by 2007, over 5 million people, representing a 10th of the population, subscribed to a mobile service. Hence—the 2019 GSM report on Digital Transformation in Tanzania, showed that today, the number of unique mobile subscribers has grown five-fold to 25.2 million.

This means that Tanzania’s current sim card lock could lose a significant portion of the tax and cripple money transfer income to mobile money agents and services …

The world is much more digitally interconnected, compared to the past three decades, and Tanzania has been busy to get its fair share of interconnectedness.

In 2013, there were about 23 million telecom subscribers in Tanzania, surprisingly at the moment, the number is almost close to double, as Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), telecoms statistics show, over 43 million subscribers, with an 81 per cent penetration.

It is important to recognize the contribution of the telecoms sector in Tanzania, to the economy and to the promotion of innovative solutions to community problems. Tanzania’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) quarterly highlights, show that: information and communications sector recorded a 10.3 per cent growth, compared to 9.6 in the first quarter, thus—the growth is attributed to increasing in airtime used by mobile phone owners, and the expansion of Tanzania’s broadcasting and internet use landscape.

On the side of the context, Bank of …

Tanzania’s smartphone’s network—Airtel Tanzania, has ushered a new mobile money service branded “Send With a withdraw fee”, emerging with a rather customized competitive advantage within the growing mobile money industry in Tanzania.

According to Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) June quarterly statistics, there are over 22.9 million mobile money accounts in Tanzania, responsible for around 260 million mobile money transactions.

Further, TCRA report shows that, there are over 43 million telcom subscribers, while Airtel Tanzania owns 26 per cent of the market share (over 11 million subscribers) and 18 per cent of the mobile money share.

The service which was launched on October 16, will enable Airtel Money customers in Tanzania, to send money to their counterparts differently compared to other networks, this time—all transactions will be executed with a built-in calculated sending fee, unequivocally offering a seamless service necessary for a mobile money take over, as elaborated by …

Hisham Henda - Vodacom Tanzania CEO - The Exchange

The Vodacom Tanzania CEO, Hisham Hendi and eight co-accused were on 11th April, 2018 released after pleading guilty to the accusations against them and paying Tshs.6 billion ($2.6 million) fine.

On top of the fine paid, the court also confiscated the equipment that was involved in the alleged committed crime.

Vodacom Tanzania later on in the day released a press statement stating the company had agreed with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to amicably resolve the matter. The statement further read that in accordance with international best practice, Vodacom Group and Vodafone Group Plc have retained the highly respected global law firm, Squire Patton Boggs, to conduct an internal review into the facts underlying the charges brought by the DPP.

Hisham Hendi and six other officials of Vodacom Tanzania were on Wednesday 3rd April arraigned before court for economic sabotage crimes. Mr. Hendi, an Egyptian was charged …