Bolt Food revamps app, incorporates mobile money payment option  


Bolt, famed for its on-demand cab-hailing service and food and grocery delivery, with over 100 million customers in 45 countries and over 500 cities across Europe and Africa, has made updates to its App.

The company seeks to accelerate the transition from owned cars to shared mobility, offering better alternatives for every use case, including ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery.

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Mobile Money payment option

The latest Bolt Food App update includes an option to pay using Mobile Money.

Customers can now conveniently pay for their orders using M-Pesa, Equitel and Airtel Money directly to the restaurants as opposed to using the payment prompts from couriers. 

This is in an effort to boost customer and courier experience and enhance operational efficiencies on the platform by reducing the functional costs for the business.

Bolt Food has steadily grown its restaurant base in Kenya through continuous onboarding and leveraging of its networks and partnerships.

Kenya Bolt Food Country Manager, Edgar Kipng’etich Kitu, said that Bolt Food would continue to scale up its operations in Ghana and invest more into initiatives geared towards enhancing customer experience and offering quality services as it grows its courier earnings.

He expressed his elation to constantly improve Bolt’s services to meet the dynamic needs of its customers and partners by incorporating mobile money as a payment option. 

“Mobile money is one of the most popular payment methods in Kenya and we are glad that our customers are now able to use mobile money to pay for their orders at their convenience. This also means customers can now pay directly to restaurants as opposed to receiving the payment prompts from couriers, hence eliminating the associated functional costs,” he said.

Edgar Kipng’etich Kitur, Kenya Bolt Food Country Manager.

Other functionalities 

Bolt Food has also incorporated a host of other in-app functionalities on the platform geared towards enhancing customer experiences and boosting platform output, all of which are already present in its rival Uber Eats.

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Some of these in-app features include; Bolt balance, Pickup options and Bolt Food Promo Codes.

Bolt Balance

Bolt Balance enables customers to prepay for services by way of loading funds on their Bolt Balance and using such funds at any later stage for the goods and/or services purchased through the app. It is basically an in-app virtual payment method that customers can use to transact on the Bolt Food platform.

Other means of payment, such as the use of cash and credit/debit card, will still be available for customers. 

“These investments allow our customers to switch between different modes of payments for their orders at their convenience. We are excited to make these payment options available to customers and look forward to investing more in initiatives that enhance customers’ experiences as they interact with our platform,” added Edgar.

Bolt Food Pick-up

To further create a flexible and convenient environment for customers, the company has also incorporated the Bolt Food Pick-up option, allowing customers to order takeaway food and collect their meals directly from a restaurant. 

This means customers now have the option to pick up a takeaway on their way home or on the way to the office as opposed to waiting for it to be delivered. This will provide more choices for customers that are meant to meet their dynamic needs.

Promo code

Further, Bolt Food has also created a feature that enables customers to use promo codes and coupons to pay for orders made on the app. As restaurants on the platform offer promotional items and campaigns, all active promotions will always be displayed in the Bolt Food app.

These initiatives are meant to create a flexible and convenient environment for customers as they enjoy excellent service on the Bolt Food app.

“Customer Experience on our platform remains a key priority in our operations. Our focus is to continue growing our brand and serving our customers in the best way possible through quality services tailored towards their needs”, said Edgar.

Bolt Food continues to scale up its operations and invest more into initiatives geared towards enhancing customer experience and offering quality services as it grows its courier earnings. 

The company also continues to grow its restaurant base on the platform through continuous onboarding and leveraging its networks and partnerships. The brand has developed an ecosystem of partners, with more than 5000 couriers actively operating on the platform and over 900 quality restaurants actively operating on the platform.

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Here is how to pay for your Bolt Food order via Mobile money

  1. Set to ‘Mobile money’ payment method before placing your order by selecting it in the Payment menu option. Other payment methods available are Cash and debit/credit card.
  2. Once you place your order, you will be asked to verify that you have selected the Mobile money payment method and acknowledge that the change can be transferred to your Bolt Balance or left as a tip for the courier.

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