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As Africa’s role in the global economy continues to garner prominence, it’s imperative for the continent to seal the gaping hole in its power supply.

Lack of universal power access remains a major roadblock that has retrogressed industrialization and socio-economic development. Statistics from the World Bank indicate that Africa remains the least electrified region in the world, with 568 million people lacking access to electricity.

The Bretton Woods institution, further notes that the Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of the global population without electricity, jumped to 77 per cent in 2020 from 71 per cent in 2018, whilst most regions saw declines in their share of access deficits. It has become a Hobson’s choice for African governments to prioritize the power sector, which is the epicenter of industrialization, working towards Goal 7 of the UN SDGs; which advocates for universal access to affordable, reliable and modern electricity services.

Currently, Africa’s power is …

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A previous election in Somalia. The country will hold its elections in February 25, 2022.

The January 9 agreement comes after election delays following the feud between President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo and Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble.

The delays have threatened the stability of the Horn of Africa’s country.

The agreement was reached after several days of talks hosted by the Prime Minister with other state leaders to resolve the country’s political crisis.
Roble issued a declaration that the consultative meeting had agreed on the final day of the parliamentary election as February 25.…

Somalia PM Mohamed Hussein Roble. He has apologised to the UAE for the seizure of US$9.6 million in April 2018.

Somali PM Mohamed Roble has apologised to the UAE for the seizure of US$9.6 million in April 2018.

The Somali government, at the time, said the money seized at Mogadishu airport was intended for purposes of destabilising the country.

On the contrary, the UAE claimed it was for paying the salaries of the Somali military.

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The back story

After the seizure, security officials in Somalia said the substantial amount of cash was intercepted after the plane landed from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, at Mogadishu airport.

There were three suitcases carrying the US$9.6 million which were put in storage inside Somalia’s national bank, according to two senior security officers.

Security officials in Somalia said they had intercepted a substantial amount of cash that landed from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, at Mogadishu airport on …

Oil and Gas- The Exchange

For decades now, the word Somalia has become synonymous to malnutrition. You hear Somalia and the first picture that comes into your head is that of the scrawniest infant you have ever seen; hairless, ribs, collar bones and cheeks bones protruding so much it seems the child has no skin, just a pigment on the skeleton. 

That is the poor, malnourished Somalia we have all grown up to hear about. In fact, the only other picture of Somalia is not any better, now you hear Somalia and you think pirates; thin, malnourished pirates wielding the menacing Russian made Kalashnikovs.  

Why? History would have us believe it is just ill fate that befell the country, it geographical location is its very curse, a desert by the sea. If you don’t give it a second thought, you may just end up feeling sorry for Somalia. 

However, what is the difference

Rwanda embraces cloud based OTT messaging apps

Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, have announced the launch of Kirusa Konnect in Rwanda. Kirusa Konnect is a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering for enterprises designed to bolster customer engagement using instant, two-way and interactive communication over multiple channels including messaging, voice and rich media bots.

With the launch of Kirusa Konnect in Rwanda, enterprises will have access to a self-serve portal and a rich set of APIs to conceive, execute and monitor omnichannel communication campaigns.

The popularity of OTT messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, and the incorporation of RCS within the Android Messages app is leading to a paradigm shift in enterprise messaging. Enterprises are adopting IP messaging as it provides a rich media experience while also reducing the cost of customer care. With access to multiple RCS and OTT messaging platforms, Kirusa …

Across the Horn of Africa, people are feeling the impact of severe drought, with the latest World Bank analysis showing that Somalia’s main harvest was the worst since the famine in 2011.

This situation has pushed Under-Secretary-General(USG) for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock to call for sustained funding to protect recent gains made in beating back hunger and reiterated the importance of the Government’s Resilience and Recovery Framework, which is at the centre of efforts to break the paradigm of recurring humanitarian crises in Somalia.

Mr Lowcock was speaking at the end of a two-day mission to Somalia undertaken with the World Bank Group’s Senior Vice President for the 2030 Development Agenda, United Nations Relations, and Partnerships, Mahmoud Mohieldin, and the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Peace building Support, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco.

“The latest food security analysis for Somalia shows that our response is working. One million fewer …

The education sector in Somalia is still struggling, World Bank has said.

Improving education outcomes of the younger generation is key for enhancing productivity, sustaining economic recovery, boosting inclusive growth and promoting poverty reduction in Somalia, the 4th edition of the World Bank’s Somalia Economic Update (SEU) has said.

According to a report from Global Partnership for Education, progress in restoring the delivery of educational services has differed across regions.

The report also noted that In Somaliland and Puntland where there was greater political stability, security, and administrative development; student enrolments have improved substantially over the past two decades.

“Post-war educational reconstruction has been slow in South Central Somalia and opportunities for public education are limited as most of primary and secondary schools are managed by non-state providers,” it added.

The World Bank’s update titled Building Education to Boost Human Capital, the report notes that an estimated three million Somali …

A map showing the disputed maritime border Kenya and Somalia. The Oil wealth could be pitting Somalia and Kenya against each other

While Kenya’s foreign affairs minister, Monica Juma, said she wasn’t aware of the incident, President Farmaajo on Friday avoided Nairobi for a connection flight to South Africa for Cyril Ramaphosa’s swearing-in ceremony.…