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Africa's food and agriculture market
  • Africa’s food and agriculture market could reach $1 trillion in 2030 from $280 billion in 2023, with over $60 billion spent on food imports yearly.
  • Access to credit poses a significant barrier to private sector investment in Africa’s agriculture sector
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) highlights that around 30 to 40 per cent of food produced in Africa is lost before it reaches consumers.

Africa is a sleeping giant, at least from the agricultural sector. The region’s food and agriculture market could reach $1 trillion from $280 billion in 2023, with over $60 billion spent on food imports yearly.

The numbers in the latter are self-explanatory agriculture in Africa is not only a staple economic activity for most of the population but the region at large.

However, the sector is faced with both promising leads of growth but, at the same time, hurdles, including lack of proper funding leading to …

education systems AI in Africa
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in Africa’s socio-economic and political development.
  • Currently, tech giant Google is funding the deployment of AI in Africa.
  • Google is exploring how AI can address poverty, hunger, and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Executive Council of the African Union (AU) has resolved that education systems provide the basis for building a strong foundation for Africa’s future, with the powblack friday wig sale custom sublimated hockey jerseys durex intense vibrations ring custom nfl football jerseys custom nfl football jerseys johnny manziel jersey deuce vaughn jersey brock purdy jersey custom maple leafs jersey custom youth hockey jerseys brock purdy jersey fsu football jersey nike air max 90 futura brock bowers jersey blundstone uomo er of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking center stage.

The resolution was reached at the 44th Ordinary Session held in Addis Ababa from Valentine’s Day through to February 15, 2024.

This meeting …

DP World Luanda offers customers the use of a new digital tool for monitoring and managing the cargo sent to the Multiusos Terminal. Named Cargoes Flow, it was developed by the technological team of the DP World Group and allows you to monitor the shipment and arrival of orders in real time. At the same time, it allows customers to manage delays and the expectations of suppliers to whom the cargo is intended and, consequently, minimize the resulting financial losses.
Nearly 90 per cent of the world’s trade is carried by the global shipping industry.
Without shipping, global cargo trade via imports and exports would essentially cripple nations and international markets.
The sector was heavily hit by the Covid-pandemic disrupting global supply chains yielding a sharp increase in freight costs.
This came with the partial closure of key ports in China, one of Africa’s leading market sources.
Despite this, data shows China-Africa trade reached $185.2 billion between January and September 2021, up 38.2 percent year-on-year.
As shipping lines suspended operations, many factories followed suit essentially shutting down much of the global international trade.
Following the 2020 global shipment shutdown, another shipping crisis forced goods to be locked down for weeks.
The blockage of the Suez Canal by giant cargo vessel, the 400 meter-long-Ever Given operated by global shipping firm Evergreen, became wedged across the Suez after being blown off course
African Union Heads of State (
  • Top five priorities for the African Union 
  • Building Nutrition and Food Security top African Union Agenda
  • Africa requires an equitable representation at the United Nations

The Assembly of African Union Heads of State and Government held its 35th Ordinary Session early February this year and listed the continent’s top five priorities. The Assembly meeting saw the handover of the rotating leadership of the Union from H.E. President Antoine Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo who was Chairperson in 2021, to President Macky Sall of Senegal.

The Heads of State and Government launched the African Union Theme of the Year 2022 as Year of Nutrition: “Strengthening resilience in nutrition and food security on the African continent: Strengthening agro food systems, health and social protection systems for the acceleration of human, social and economic capital development”.

Five priorities were listed: Resilience to Covid-19 and Africa manufacture of vaccines, action against

Volkswagen in Rwanda - The Exchange

The Intra African Trade Fair (IATF2021) is expected to be a grand event that comes in the backdrop of very optimistic forecasts for the automobile industry in Africa.

To be held next year in Kigali, Rwanda, from 6 – 12 September 2021, the IATF 2021 is a major trade event, that serves to boost sells of vehicles and related parts across the continent. The event will provide a unique and valuable platform for businesses to explore a single integrated African market of over 1.3 billion people with a combined GDP of over US$2.5 trillion.

Thanks to increased regional value chains, Afreximbank is of the view that new vehicle sales increase from 1 million to 5 million units a year across Africa.


A senior trade facilitator Gainmore Zanamwe told an online seminar that the sector prospects are brigh and described the Automotive Tradeshow is a critical base from which to …

Corruption in Africa - The Exchange

Transparency International revealed on Thursday that more than half of all citizens surveyed in 35 African countries thought corruption was getting worse in their country, while fifty-nine percent of the people thought their government was performing poorly at tackling corruption.

Managing Director of Transparency International, Patricia Moreira, said: “Corruption is hindering Africa’s economic, political and social development. It is a major barrier to economic growth, good governance, and basic freedoms, like freedom of speech or citizens’ right to hold governments to account.”

The organization said it was the largest and most detailed survey of citizens’ views on bribery and other forms of corruption in Africa. The survey asked 47,000 citizens in 35 countries about their perceptions of corruption and direct experiences of bribery.

“While governments have a long way to go in regaining citizens’ trust and reducing corruption, these things don’t exist in a vacuum. Foreign bribery and money laundering …

AfCFTA - The Exchange

That will be decided during the forthcoming African Union meeting slated to take place in the next three months, according to the officials who gathered in Arusha on Thursday 25th April, 2019.

The proposed African Continental Free Trade Area is not simply a `Free Trade Agreement` it is about establishing a unified continental market with 1.2 billion potential customers and where the private sector is the major engine to make it happen.

This was the tone from the discussions of the meeting held in Arusha about how the East African Private Sector including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) could benefit from the African Continental Free Trading Area (AfCFTA)

The one-day meeting, organized jointly by the East African Business Council (EABC) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), convened close to 40 key players from the region`s private sector. The office for Eastern Africa of ECA estimates large …