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  • WHO, CDC launch joint unit to improve disaster preparedness.
  • JEAP has a mandate for disaster response across Africa.
  • JEAP prioritises readiness, and collective efforts to fight public health emergencies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) have launched a partnership to tackle challenges arising from humanitarian crises associated with disasters.

Dubbed Joint Emergency Preparedness and Response Action Plan (JEAP), the unit is a five-year strategic collaboration to boost the continent’s overall emergency preparedness and response.

JEAP has the mandate to operate across Africa to ensure among other things, disease outbreaks during humanitarian crises are managed efficiently.

Power of partnerships in global health

“The JEAP underscores the shared vision of Africa’s two leading public health institutions – to strengthen the emergency preparedness and response and health systems on the continent,” reads a press communique shared at the turn of the week.

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Pfizer vaccines from the United States

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Africa CDC, has issued a statement on the recent international travel rules in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Specialised Technical Institution of the African Union, noted in a statement that the planned changes to international travel rules are discrminative.

The rules  were communicated by the Government of the United Kingdom (U.K), which will be enforced starting at 4:00 am on Monday 4th October 2021.

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“With a full course of the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna or Janssen vaccines from a relevant public health body in Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Dominica, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Formulations of the 4 listed vaccines, such as AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzevria and Moderna Takeda, qualify as …

Johnson and Johnson Aerosols

Johnson & Johnson has recalled five of its aerosol sunscreen products.

The firm announced on Wednesday that it would like to voluntarily recall all lots of five EUTROGENA® and AVEENO® aerosol sunscreen product lines to the consumer level.

“Internal testing identified low levels of benzene in some samples of the products. Consumers should stop using the affected products and follow the instructions set forth below.” The healthcare giant said in a statement.

What Benzene really is

According to an information kit from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), benzene is a chemical that is a colourless or light yellow liquid at room temperature. It has a sweet odour and is highly flammable.

CDC says that direct exposure of the eyes, skin, or lungs to benzene could cause tissue injury and irritation however, presenting with these signs and symptoms does not necessarily mean that a person has …

Countries in Africa where a booster dose of polio vaccine is recommended before travel CDC

By Benard Ayieko 

A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being that includes the absence of illnesses is one of the most valued things by human beings. It is no doubt that every human being will strive to avoid or alleviate illnesses to maintain a sound state of physical and mental health. Good health plays a pivotal role in promoting and safeguarding economic growth and development of a nation. In fact, citizens’ health has a direct bearing on economic growth and development of a nation.  

There is no doubt that Africa bears a heavy disease burden which is a major source of its economic drawback. Most economies in Africa have been ravaged by diseases and currently some causing most deaths in Africa per 100,000 people per year include HIV/AIDS, diarrhoeal diseases, malaria, ischemic heart disease, meningitis, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, neonatal sepsis and infections, cirrhosis of the liver and epilepsy.

After dropping Barclays tag, Absa digs in big money to hold on Africa

Barclays Bank Kenya has successfully changed its name to Absa Bank Kenya marking an end to centuries of the domination of the banking sector by British banks. This follows the acquisition of Barclays Plc operations in Africa in 2017 by Absa Bank of South Africa in restructuring by the London-based lender.

These are some of the changes experienced in several countries across Africa as the Absa brand cements its presence in the continent, a market that was firmly held by Barclays brand for almost a century. Similar changes have happened in Ghana, Botswana, Seychelles and Tanzania.

With these changes, the bank is knocking doors in one of the biggest global lenders, the Multi Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) with an aim of creating a broader investment base for individual banks in several African countries.

Different Central Banks in the region require commercial banks to have a minimal investment base to enable …

UK's CDC to use US$39.2 million investment for SMEs in West Africa

CDC Group, the UK’s publicly owned impact investor, has announced a commitment of US$39.2 million to support SMEs in West Africa. CDC is backing Verod Fund III and Adiwale Fund I, West-African based private equity funds targeting SMEs in the region, with commitments of US$19.2m and US$20m respectively.

In West Africa, banks and low levels of private equity activity are currently struggling to meet the financing needs of SMEs, hampering their potential as engines of economic growth in the region. Access to finance is cited as the top barrier for doing business in Nigeria and Ghana. Increasing access to capital to this market is a core element of the CDC’s Africa strategy by backing well-networked, experienced local teams.

This should, in turn, support private sector development, economic growth, and long-term sustainable employment, particularly for the semi-skilled and low-skilled workforce in the region, therefore contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 8: decent …