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European Union step up monitoring of horticulture imports - The Exchange

Strict regulations on the use of farm chemicals are locking out fresh produce exporters in East Africa from the European Union (EU) market.

The European Union (EU), which is the leading importer of horticulture produce mainly from Kenya, has amended its policy on the maximum residue levels (MRLs) by lowering permissible limits in food produce.

This comes after the EU put Kenya back on the blacklist of countries using high levels of pesticides.

Due to risk assessment, the European Union lowered the MRLs for several pesticides allowed to produce entering its market mostly ones used in citrus fruits and bananas.

New MRL limits have been set at 0.01 milligrammes per kilogramme (mg/kg) against the international standard that of 2.0 mg/kg MRL level.

Beans and peas new requirements are awaiting approval before coming into effect in January.

With the new MRL limits, exporters and their EU importing agencies must pay $1,212 …