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  • Gold exports accounted for 43 per cent of goods exported by the year ending September 2021
  • The Tanzanian shilling is argued to be stable against the US dollar
  • Still, debt is a thorn to the Tanzanian government as it stands at more than $33 billion 

The central bank of Tanzania released its monthly economic review report on 11 November, for October 2021, and it depicts the economy to be stabilised, despite a few sectors showing some decline in performance.

One of the most promising notes in the report is the stability of the shilling against the US dollar, “trading at an average rate of Tshs. 2,309.62 per US dollar in September 2021, compared to Tshs. 2,310.88 per US dollar in the preceding month,” the report noted.


On this crucial sector of the economy, the report noted that inflation remained within the target of 3.5 per cent for the years …

Platinum bars. Sibanye Stillwater is the world’s largest primary producer of platinum, the second-largest primary producer of palladium and a top-tier gold producer.

Since then the company has pursued a highly aggressive growth strategy constituting of both organic and acquisitive growth. Sibanye in a very short space of time acquired the Cooke operations from Gold One International in 2013 and the Burnstone project from Wits Gold the following year. The aim of this aggressive growth strategy was to produce more sustainable gold operations. 

The story of growth did not stop there. 

Soon the company set its sights on the platinum sector and began to snap up various interests and operations in that space. In 2016 Sibanye acquired the Aquarius Platinum’s Rustenburg operations namely Kroondal mine as well as the Platinum Mile treatment facility in South Africa and in Zimbabwe it took over the Mimosa joint venture with Impala Platinum. Later that year the company also bought the Rustenburg operations of Anglo Platinum.…

Lesotho Signs Treaty With Mauritius To Curb Tax Evasion

Lesotho has finalized a new tax treaty with Mauritius, alleviating fears in the southern African nation that multinational corporations were dodging taxes through shell companies.

The new agreement, which sets out the taxation rules for companies that run Lesotho businesses from Mauritius, came into effect replacing a 1997 treaty that, in recent years, the Lesotho authorities complained was unfair.

“The process for renegotiating the treaty was initiated by Lesotho in recognition that the old treaty was compromising Lesotho’s interests and because some of the key elements of a modern tax treaty were missing,” according to a brief provided to ICIJ by the Lesotho Revenue Authority.

Lesotho, a tiny, mountainous kingdom of 2 million people surrounded by South Africa, is rich in diamonds but has a stubbornly high rate of poverty. Almost half the population live below the poverty line, according to the World Bank.

In recent years, Lesotho’s economic performance …


Gold Price to Hit Record $2,200 Before 2020 Ends? | The Motley Fool


Tanzania has earned a record $3 billion from gold sales as price for the precious metal soars in the world market.

Publicized by the Bank of Tanzania, the value of gold exports clocked $3.025 billion in the year ending March 31, 2021, a considerable jump from $2.324 billion that was earned last year.

In fact, gold is doing so well that it has become the country’s top foreign exchange earner, and even overtaken tourism.

Gold prices have been edging up since the corona outbreak last year owing to jittery investors fearing a collapse of other currencies (including the dollar) and opting to store their value in gold.

“As financial markets were hit by the pandemic, investors rushed for gold which they consider as one of the safe haven assets,” report local media.

Consider this, gold represented more than half (55.9 percent) of the value brought home from sell of …

Tourism was Tanzania’s leading source of forex—this according to data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism—but that was only true before the global Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Statistics from the ministry show that the country earned an impressive USD2.5B from the tourism sector in 2019. That was the highest it would rake in before Covid-19 befell the world in 2020.  To date, the future looks grim.

The effect of the global pandemic on Tanzania’s economy in general has been devastating. Consider the fact that earnings from the travel subsector have plummeted by more than half its pre-pandemic earnings. …

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Interview with Hon. Winston Chitando - The Exchange

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Zimbabwe has one of the most diverse mining sectors I have ever come across. The country’s soil is rich in elements such as platinum, coal, iron ore, gold, diamonds and most recently the prospect of oil and gas.

Despite its complex economic challenges, mining, along with agriculture, has been a key pillar supporting the country’s GDP. The sector is responsible for around 60% of Zimbabwe’s export earnings and remains as one of the main sources for the much welcome foreign currency inflow.

FurtherAfrica spoke to the Hon. Winston Chitando, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Mines and Mining Development for an open conversation about Zimbabwe’s mining sector, its challenges, new prospects and raising opportunities. Min. Chitando has a remarkable record in his country’s mining industry spanning well over 3 decades. Previous to his appointment as Zimbabwe’s Minister of Mines and Mining Development, he has held several different positions in major companies such as …

Mining in Tanzania

The Government of Tanzania and Barrick Gold entered into a partnership last year, and created a new joint venture, Twiga Minerals Corporation. 

Barrick Gold’s one-year-old partnership with the Tanzanian government marked new ground as the Canadian miner was awarded 10 new exploration licenses this year and subsequently plans to spend $8 million on exploration, Barrick’s president and chief executive Mark Bristow said during a recent press briefing. 

According to Barrick, the North Mara mine—which was at the centre of scrutiny by the Tanzania government is now “re-energized and ahead of plan in the year to date and Bulyanhulu has resumed underground mining operations and is scheduled to restart processing of underground ore by the end of 2020 as a long-life underground mine”. 

All of these affairs operate under the new joint venture named—Twiga Minerals Corporation, in charge to oversee three gold mines, Bulyanhulu, North Mara and 

Gold futures decrease as global economies try to recover - The Exchange

U.S. dollar is muscling it up against gold, but the precious metal just wont let up, not with the threat of a second Covid-19 outbreak as new cases emerge.

In Africa, the big gold miners, Tanzania is one of the countries that made some good money out of the increased demand for gold during the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, over the past month, World market prices for gold declined slightly due to decrease in global demand as economies begin to stabilize

Actually, the prices for several selected commodities were lower in the year ended March than in the preceding month with the exception of Arabica coffee,” reports the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) monthly economic review.

As economies start opening up, Tanzania gold export is expected to remain strong however gold futures reported a second loss in a row at the end of June. This slight dip by …


After slow production during the Covid-19 lock down,  Zimbabwe’s gold sector has had a drastic come back reporting gold revenue is up almost 50 percent at least one of its major mines.

The total revenue recorded for the second quarter of 2020 clocked and impressive to USD23. 6 million, that is almost double (48 percent) the revenue brought in during the same period last year.

Having topped last year’s production by USD15. 9 million, Blanket Gold Mine that is based in the Gwanda region, increased production all through the first quarter this despite glitches caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mine is owned by the Caledonia Mining Corporation and was proud to announce it had produced 14,233 ounces of gold in the second quarter up from the 11,948 produced during the same period last year.

The production level is very impressive given the fact that other miners could not access …