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The financial results of the company began with a report of the company’s ESG performance. What stood out the most from the company’s report is that the company achieved zero fatalities during its operations in 2021. This is most exceptional given the nature of mining operations which are for the most part dangerous.

Most if not all Anglo-Plat’s peers have reported reduced or reduced fatalities in their operations but not always a zero-fatality rate. This was attributable to what the company calls their Elimination of Fatalities (EoF) strategy. The strategy focuses on the most common causes of fatalities across Anglo American.

Its purpose is to use what the company calls “accumulated learnings from a wide range of fatalities” and use that data to take a more proactive approach to prevent incidents that result in the loss of life. The strategy has paid off resulting in an outlier performance of zero fatalities in 2021.

According to the SENS report both companies are said to have completed reciprocal due diligence exercises towards a transaction implementation agreement”. The statement goes on to mention that shareholders will be kept abreast of the development around this transaction as they arise.
As is the case, whenever there is impending corporate action from a transaction of this kind investors are urged to take care when trading their shares.
This move by Impala Platinum (Implats) to buy out all the issued shares of Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RB Plats) signals consolidation of the platinum sector on the kind of scale last seen when Sibanye Stillwater acquired Lonmin in 2017.