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According to a Fair Tech Institute whitepaper by Access Partnership, a global public policy firm for the technology sector, the annual number of natural disasters is set to increase by 37 per cent from 442 to 541 occurrences by 2025.

The whitepaper highlights the urgency with which national governments and the private sector must attach satellite technology to implement more effective disaster management efforts in Africa and globally.

The whitepaper comes after several organizations agreed that climate change would make weather-related disasters more frequent and widespread in coming years.

Trade between the two countries has also suffered from the March 2020 Somalia ban of the importation of Miraa/khat from Kenya. This followed a decision by Kenya to stop issuing visas on arrival to Somalis.

But there could be a silver lining for traders from both countries since in August 2021, Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Rooble assured that cross border trade between Kenya and Somalia would resume soon.

Prior to the announcement, Rooble held a closed-door meeting with Somali traders in Mombasa Wednesday. The meeting called for the strengthening of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries and the continuous collaboration in different sectors of the economy.