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Co-op Bank Tops In The 2022 Sustainable Finance Initiative Awards

In the category of banks with the best case study, Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya took first place, followed by Absa Bank in second place and I&M Bank in third place, in the category of banks with the most nuanced case study in bank operations.

Through productivity programmes and the effective use of operational resources and energy like paper, water, and waste management, including electronic waste, the lenders were recognised in this category for their dedication and investment in ensuring the optimised management of both financial resources and natural capital.

KWFT won Promoting gender inclusivity

In a category that evaluated lenders’ efforts in encouraging women to be formally included in the financial services sector, creating opportunities for female employees to take leadership positions, and empowering female entrepreneurs,

KWFT was named the best bank for promoting gender inclusivity in the industry. Position two went to SBM Bank, and position three went to Equity Bank Kenya.

In a related story, Standard Chartered Bank has scooped the 2022 Best Trade Finance Provider in Kenya award for its trade innovation in product capabilities and stellar focus on client-centricity.

The bank was awarded for first-class services and products that aptly addressed key client challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The editorial review board of Global Finance selected the best trade finance providers based on entries from banks and other providers, as well as input from industry analysts, corporate executives, and technology experts. Criteria for choosing the winners included transaction volumes, global coverage, customer service, competitive pricing, and innovative technologies.

Leading financial and environmental institutions, United Nations, multinationals and sustainability campaigners on Thursday gathered in Nairobi to hold the inaugural…