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Carbon credits snapped up by Saudi firms in a Nairobi auction.

The demand for carbon offsets is rapidly growing in Africa, unlocking billions for the climate finance needs of economies. Kenya recently hosted a carbon credits auction. The auction is the world’s largest sale, where firms from Saudi Arabia bought more than 2.2 million tonnes of certified carbon credits.…

Companies delisting from ZSE to list on VFEX.
  • The recent announcement of migration of African Sun Limited to the VFEX highlights the growing trend of local businesses shifting away from the ZSE and towards the more favourable investment environment provided by the VFEX.
  • With its flexible exchange rate controls, lower trading fees, and ability to raise capital in hard currency, the VFEX offers a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their marketability and market capitalisation.
  • As more companies make the switch, the VFEX is likely to become the preferred choice for local businesses looking to raise capital and grow their operations.

Hospitality Group, African Sun Limited, has recently made the decision to migrate to the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX), following a number of local business entities who have also made the switch from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). This move has sparked discussions regarding the reasons behind the shift and the benefits of listing on the VFEX.…

Listing of companies on stock exchanges.

Fast food giant, Simbisa Brands Ltd., the firm that controls high-profile restaurant chains across African markets, spurred its planned VFEX listing, notifying investors in a comprehensive roadmap that the deal may be through by December 2, 2022.

Simbisa, which has risen from its Zimbabwean roots to establish a formidable African network, executes its strategy through a string of high-end hospitality brands that include the flagship Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn, one of the country’s biggest bread producers.

It also holds the franchises for quick service restaurant chain; Rocomamas, Nandos and Steers, along with Galito

In a statement that disclosed Simbisa’s rationale to switch from the ZSE, the firm’s board rallied shareholders to give an emphatic nod to the transaction at an extraordinary general meeting scheduled for November 18, 2022.…

How to build your future with Digital Technology.

The ZSE’s 2020 research found that individual Zimbabweans made a meagre amount of contributions to the regional capital market. A few of the obstacles mentioned are a lack of understanding of the investment process and the notion that it is the realm and preservation of the wealthy in society.

According to an article by Mail and Guardian published May 25, 2022, this survey prompted the bourse to launch ZSE Direct, a product that would make access to the market straightforward even for first-time investors.…

Victoria Falls Stock Exchange launches an online trading platform, VFEX Direct.

Since the launch of VFEX in 2020, trading has mainly been dominated by institutional investors, and from the feedback received, retail investors would also like to participate in the VFEX. In the press release, VFEX CEO Justin Bgoni said VFEX Direct was mainly developed with retail investors in mind.

VFEX Direct will be accessible through the web portal and mobile application (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

Investors wishing to participate through VFEX Direct will be required to hold an FCA (Nostro) account with any Zimbabwean bank.…

The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange Limited (VFEX), a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), has introduced broker-controlled accounts to ensure convenience in trading on the US dollar-denominated stocks trading platform.

Broker-controlled accounts deliver lower costs and easier account opening procedures for investors wanting to open a VFEX trading account.

This offers a one-stop-shop facility for the investor, given by opening an account with the custodian and transacting through a securities dealer, the broker-controlled model offers investors all the services under one roof to the convenience of the investor.

The securities dealing firms will perform all the services on behalf of investors and these include, among others, opening accounts for investors, and performing the necessary due diligence exercise including the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

It also includes day-to-day communication with the client, mailing of customer transaction statements at no cost, and transacting on the stock exchange on behalf of the investor.…

Caledonia Mining Plc is set to list on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange. VFEX trades exclusively in US-denominated securities. [Photo/ Caledonia Mining Plc]

The pre-listing statement specifies that the VFEX listing is a secondary one and will be done by way of the introduction of depository receipts representing the company’s shares that cannot be directly traded in Zimbabwe as its primary listing is on the respectively.
Investopedia defines a depositary receipt as “a negotiable certificate issued by a bank representing shares in a foreign company traded on a local stock exchange. The depositary receipt gives investors the opportunity to hold shares in the equity of foreign countries and gives them an alternative to trading on an international market.”
A depositary receipt allows investors to hold shares in stocks of companies listed on exchanges in foreign countries. It avoids the need to trade directly with the stock exchange in the foreign market. Instead, investors transact with a major financial institution within their home country, which typically reduces fees and is far more convenient than …

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe -The Exchange (

Victoria Falls Stock Exchange

Zimbabwe’s newest stock exchange, The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange will open its doors to trading on Monday 26 October 2020. The VFEX will trade in foreign currency only. 

The exchange will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, with reports indicating that there are plans to bring in an equity partner.

The launch and official opening to be graced by Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development, former AfDB Vice-President Professor Mthuli Ncube is set to take place this Friday.

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange experienced a hiatus from trading as instructed by the Finance ministry in a crackdown on parallel market activity earlier this year. It was to open its floors a month later but in the absence of fungible counters. The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange is therefore expected to start off trading with the fungible counters that were suspended from trading on