Author: Joseph Kangethe

I am a journalist who is an enthusiastic tech, business and investment news writer from across Africa. There is always something good happening in Africa but most gets lost in the stereotypes. I tell the stories that matter to the Africans for Africa. Have a tip? You can contact me at

Even though the country knows that diamonds are a finite resource, it still holds the world’s richest mine and is the biggest producer of gem diamonds. The country has become something of a role model for good development, powered by diamond mining.
20 percent of Botswana’s gross domestic product comes from this one commodity.
It propelled the country from the second poorest country in the world in 1966, at US$70 per person per year, to a middle-income country in 2021. Botswana estimates the diamond economy will start dropping in 2030. …

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Most African regions have the capacity to produce low-cost, economically competitive green or natural hydrogen, which has a minimal effect on biodiversity and bio-habitat. It is exciting to see our partnerships gaining momentum in influence and numbers,” said AHP chairman, Innocent Uwuijaren. 

The African Hydrogen Partnership is the only association covering a larger part of the continent that pushes for the production and use of native hydrogen, hydrogen-containing chemicals such as green methanol and green ammonia, fuel cell innovations, and hydrogen-related business potentialities in Africa.

From a political perspective, Uwuijaren explained that the creation of hydrogen economies would significantly reduce importation of fairly expensive fossil fuels and instead generate revenue from green energy importation as well as local consumption, generating domestic wealth and social and economic development.…

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Huawei puts China in a data superiority position in its involvement in countries’ sensitive information. 

China is establishing dominance in digital models. In June, Nigeria banned and dumped Twitter in the country, and has drawn parallels with China in their censorship model development. 

According to Abishek, the data centre in Senegal is one of the many being built by Chinese firms to help Africa keep up with social and economic changes that are pressuring the infrastructure on the continent. …

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The government of Kenya’s involvement has borne fruit. This Christmas week, KQ has increased the frequency of flights to the United States from two to four a week.

Bookings have picked up and the cost of a one-way ticket has risen from US$ 900 (KSh90,000) to US$10,00 (KSh101,305). This comes as a relief to the Kenya Airways Chairman, Michael Joseph, who had earlier said in an interview with a local station in Kenya last year that the pandemic would continue to affect demand for air travel for the next two to three years.

The airline said they had increased the number of direct flights to New York to enable families to reconnect and unite during this festive season.…

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The UN says that e-government holds an explosive potential to ensure public institutions deliver public services in an effective, accountable, efficient and transparent manner.

Africa is showing the greatest growth in developing e-government in service delivery. United Nations member states In Africa with a low e-government development index (EGDI) have since reduced from 26 in the year 2016 to seven last year.

However, there is no single country in Africa that has high EGDI values.…

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Microfinance institutions are trying to cope with the changing times as the market is moving to fast delivering digital systems of money transfer.

Chinese investors in lending apps

A couple of lending apps in Kenya cannot be mentioned without referring to Yahui Zhou, the chief executive of Kunlun Tech. Company Limited.

Zhou is famous for two things; his gaming company and his very expensive divorce settlement; he gave his ex-wife shares of Kunlun Tech worth US$1.1 billion.…

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The two ministers gave their views during the virtual conference on how to advance economic and trade relationships between their countries.

Ambassador Katherine Kai released a statement complimenting Kenya’s key leadership stewardship in Africa and emphasised on the US government commitment to intensify the reciprocal US- Kenya relationship.

The statement continued that the two trade ministers counselled their teams in identifying “productive avenues” to important issues aimed at aligning the developing partnerships to the “trade policy centered to the workers in the US- Kenya trade and investment partnership” while concurrently commenting on the economic and trade relationships between Kenya and the US. …

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As the rise and fall becomes more frequent and intense, it confirms that bitcoin does not follow a come -around -go-around trend.
In October this year, bitcoin drooped intensely before breaking the roof to hit a record high of US$66893.22. Investor psychology can be used to explain the trend in digital currency.

On a normal day, bitcoin investors use a fall in bitcoin worth as a go ahead to purchase, due to low prices at this time. The investors then wait to reach highs to sell off their accumulated assets; creating a loop of buying and selling.…

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Francois Kabeya, Goma Mayor General Commissioner, assured that the heightening business growth would expand employment opportunities and consequently create wealth for Goma residents, a city bordering Rwanda.

James Mwangi, Equity Group Managing Director and CEO, said the bank had US$5 million allocated for entrepreneurs ready to invest in manufacturing, tourism and several other sectors in the region.

He said that the aim of the mission was to unite people in both countries adding that the best collaborators in the business community were those that took risks, made mistakes and eventually created wealth.…

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