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Findev Canada invest $7.5 in African Forestry Fund

FinDev Canada has announced an investment of USD 7.5 million in the Africa Forestry Fund II (AFF II), a growth equity fund focused on acquiring and developing environmentally-friendly forestry value chain assets across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Forestry Fund aims to build upon the success of the previous AFF I fund and to improve the reinvigoration of Africa’s forestry sector. The fund could create as many as 3500 jobs in local areas, with up to 30% of them being exclusively for women.

The Fund Manager, Criterion Africa Partners (CAP), concentrates on three key areas of the forestry value chain; the acquisition, improvement and rehabilitation of plantations, downstream manufacturing, and biomass energy. They invest in target companies in each of these processes exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa. All forestry areas are managed to the stringent requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

AFF II aims to combat the impending shortage of wood and wood …