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Music and film are now turning the creative and entertainment tide across the continent. The creatives in Africa are now crowned and featured by other established performers in the developed world, which signals the potential of the creative industry in Africa. 

There are more than 2,500 films made each year in Nigeria’s film hub, “Nollywood”. As modern filmmaking technologies expand across Africa, more works are now done in other developing industries in East and Southern Africa. 

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) find the audio-visual sector to be a honeypot, but it is largely untapped. The industry is estimated to account for $5 billion in revenue in Africa out of a $20 billion potential and employ at least 5 million people. 

On a global scale, cultural and creative industries are estimated to generate about $2.25 trillion annually, 3 per cent of global GDP, and employ around 30…

Nyara The Kidnapping YouTube

Tanzanians love African Movies, they adore Tanzanians films, so as everyone else whether it is shown on cable or Netflix and more importantly Tanzania film industry has been taking rather unique stages of growth.

Tanzania has seen a steady increase in the production, dissemination and recognition of its very own performers across the world stage.

Filmmakers with a peculiar taste such as Vincet Kigosi, Amil Shivji, and Nicholas Marwa have been demonstrating their untamed potential to the world with their stellar movies captivating thousands.

However, the industry is yet to scratch the surface, and more importantly, the industry has elevated at the right time when international industry stakeholders such as NetFlix are hungry for raw, creative and extraordinary content, and Tanzania is rich in all of those.

On Tuesday 29th December, another milestone has been made in the Tanzania film industry, Nyara a locally financed (more than $86240) film was …