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  • In 2015, BFA Global launched the Catalyst Fund to support and manage early-stage inclusive fintech startups.
  • Assuraf is an African startup that attempts to deal with the harmful norms of insurance coverage within the content.
  • Located in Kenya, Octavia is one of the twenty companies building DAC technology globally.

Catalyst Fund, a pre-seed VC fund and a startup accelerator in Africa, recently announced that 10 African startups had been accepted within their program. The Fund has announced a $2 million investment in the startups that are building and improving Africa’s ecosystem.

BFA Global launched the Catalyst Fund in 2015 to support early-stage inclusive fintech startups. The Fund offers affordable, accessible and appropriate digital financial solutions.

Despite focusing its reach among African innovators, it still has a global viewpoint. Initially, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and fiscal sponsorship from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors baked up the pre-seed

Venture capital for Africa VC4A
  • 2021 was a significant year for venture-backed companies worldwide, investing more than US$ 675B into startups globally, with more than US$5B allocated to African startups
  • VCs have been keenly eyeing a spectrum of sectors from fintech, edtech, biotech, health tech, insurtech, mobility, logistics, e-commerce, crypto, connectivity, proptech, software and mobile commerce
  • A report from Partech further reveals that more than 600 tech companies in Africa, raised US$5.2B from venture capitalists in 2021. 

Striking whilst the iron is hot, is the shrewd move that Venture Capitalists (VC) are making, to seize opportunities presented by the lucrative African Startup ecosystem that is burgeoning by the day; heralded by the massive technology wave sweeping across the continent, a prominent harbinger that the fourth industrial revolution is but within grasp.
Currently, Africa boasts of a myriad of VC-backed startups, with big investors like Jeff Bezos sinking tentacles into this frontier, that has seen the…