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East Africa single tourist visa: Buy a visa to Rwanda and get to visit all of Tanzania’s and Kenya’s tourist attractions, in fact, with that single visa you can tour all the 7 countries of East Africa. Photo/MicatoSafaris
  • For over a decade, the East Africa single tourist visa programme has been discussed and proposed by EAC governments.
  • Rwanda maintains that the East Africa single tourist visa will help market the entire region as a single tourist destination.
  • The response from Tanzania is promising compared to the non-committal stance in previous engagements.

Buy a visa to Rwanda and get to visit all of Tanzania’s and Kenya’s tourist attractions. In fact, with that single visa you can tour all the 7 countries of East Africa. This is what the East Africa single tourist visa programme proposes.

Tanzania is home to some of the World’s most revered tourist attractions; the likes of the highest mountain in Africa, The Kilimanjaro; the Serengeti, home to the world’s largest wildebeest migration and the Ngorongoro crater, where visitors can see the world’s only known tree climbing lions and deemed the 8th wonder of the …

2022 has been a significant year that has marked the robust revival of Africa’s tourism industry which was almost gobbled up in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council latest Economic Impact Report (EIR), the African Travel and Tourism sector’s GDP is estimated to grow at an average rate of 6.8 percent annually between 2022 and 2032, creating 14 million new jobs. Furthermore, the sector’s contribution to GDP is expected to grow 20.5 percent to $144B by the end of 2022, amounting to 5.1 percent of the total economic GDP.

Moreover, employment in the sector is set to grow by 3.1 percent this year, to reach nearly 22 million jobs. The continent boasts of a thriving tourism industry, which has steered economic development, birthing robust tourist economies that enjoy an influx of visitors. However, as much as most countries have managed to harness…

  • UNWTO reports a 4% rise in international tourist arrivals in 2021
  • However, 2021 was another challenging year: arrivals were still 72% down on pre-pandemic levels
  • Recovery needs stronger coordination and increased vaccination rates

Global Tourism Pandemic

Global tourism experienced a 4% upturn in 2021 to reach 415 million arrivals, compared to 2020, During Pandemic which saw arrivals drop to 400 million.

However, international tourist arrivals were still 72% below the pre-pandemic year of 2019, according to preliminary estimates by UNWTO. This follows on from 2020, the worst year on record for tourism when international arrivals decreased by 73%.

The first 2022 issue of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer shows that rising rates of vaccination, combined with easing of travel restrictions due to increased cross-border coordination and protocols, have all helped release pent up demand.

International tourism rebounded moderately during the second half of 2021, with international arrivals down 62% in …

Wildfire strikes Africa

It is no quite often Tanzania experiences wildfires ravaging world heritage sites, but currently, it is facing fire battle. For nearly five days now wildfire has been causing havoc in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro mountain and Africa’s highest peak—with 5,895 meters.

According to information from The Citizen, still the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) until yesterday, still, no new information on the progress of the fire had been produced.

According to  TANAPA communication official Pascal Shelutete on Tuesday, the fire which was sparked on Sunday afternoon in Whona—a tourist stopover was caused by porters warming food for tourist, according to information from The Citizen.

Wildfire strikes Africa

Hence—since then the event has drawn hundreds of firefighters and non-firefighters on the mountain, all in the efforts to put it out.

“Though there could be more to this fire preliminary evidence points Whona where visitors were warming their food. As you know …