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cybercrime ring in Zambia
  • A total of 77 people, including 22 Chinese and a Cameroonian, all suspects in an elaborate cybercrime ring in Zambia targeting thousands of people across the world, have been arrested in a crackdown. 
  • Masquerading as call centre agents, Zambian youth were recruited into conning people via Telegram and WhatsApp platforms.
  • Authorities in Zambia say the scam affected people in Singapore, Peru, the UAE, and some African countries.

In Zambia’s posh Roma district, the morning African sun barely peeked through the offices of Golden Top Support Services. This company had promised scores of respectable jobs to young Zambians as call centre agents.

Instead, it had covertly plunged them into the depths of a sprawling cybercrime syndicate. This chilling reality came to light following a decisive raid led by the country’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), exposing a narrative that conjures up the global challenges of cybercrime.

This operation was a huge score …

Africa's Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Africa suffers substantial financial losses due to cyberattacks, estimated to exceed $3.5 billion annually.
  • The increasing interconnectedness and flow of people, goods, and information across the region, will intensify cyber risks.
  • Developing local cybersecurity capabilities, investing in digital skills development will be critical in tackling threats.

An analysis by global management consulting firm Kearney is calling for urgent efforts for Africa to develop a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to tackle cybersecurity threats. The June 20th report: Cybersecurity in Africa: A Call to Action, emphasizes the growing scope of cyberthreats and the need to ensure Africa’s unhindered entry into the digital economy.

According to Rob van Dale, a Partner at global management consultancy Kearney, “Africa needs a comprehensive agenda to address its low cyber resilience, deal with the scale of cyber threats, and ensure Africa’s unobstructed leap into the digital economy.”

A four-point agenda

The report proposes a four-point agenda that …