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US playing catch-up to China in Africa as Pompeo visits

The visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to three African countries of Senegal, Angola, and Ethiopia is significant for the Trump administration not only as of the first trip the senior official has made to the continent, but a first for a senior official since the launch of the new strategy for Africa. The last time a senior official to visit sub-Sahara Africa was Pompeo’s predecessor, Rex Tillerson who lost his job while on a trip to Kenya.

Trump’s Africa Strategy was aimed at promoting prosperity, security, and stability in relations, and the business-friendly Prosper Africa which aims to substantially increase two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa.

The leading issue will mainly be on security and counter-terrorism efforts mainly in the Sahel as well as the horn of Africa. Though Somalia has remained a point of discussion in terms of security, there is a …

Angola set to attract more FDI into oil and gas sector

Angola’s reforms in the oil sector including at national oil company Sonangol , are already yielding positive results, with 30 per cent of the company set to be privatized by 2022.

Sector reforms are set to be supported by an investment campaign drive by Africa Oil & Power including the Angola Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition on June 2020, at the Talatona Convention Center.

The conference will be a global drive which will present opportunities to a targeted audience of relevant investors.

H.E. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Angola’s Minister of Mineral Resources and said that the government had made noteworthy progress in its efforts to restructure the oil and gas sector.

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Angola’s initial achievements include significant reduction of costs at the national oil company (NOC) Sonangol which has led to the government decision to list up to 30 per …

EU and UNCTAD seeks more coffee aroma from Angola

As part of the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme for Angola (Train for Trade II), and in support of Angola’s efforts to strengthen and diversify its economy towards more sustainable economic sectors, UNCTAD is organizing a training workshop for stakeholders from the coffee and tropical fruits value chains.

This will be the third training activity under UNCTAD’s National Green Export Review (NGER) process in Angola, and the second to be held outside the capital city.

The workshop is targeting government officials, producers, sector associations and academics from the northwestern provinces of Bengo, Cabinda, Kwanza-Norte, Malanje, Uíge and Zaire, which are among the country’s most favourable zones for coffee and tropical fruit production.

At the first NGER workshop in Angola, local stakeholders identified coffee and bananas among the green sectors with significant development potential. Moreover, Angola’s Programme to Support Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution (PRODESI) included the coffee and banana value chains …

Oil companies in Angola - The Exchange

1. Legal analyses

1.1 Concept of Angolan oil company

Under Presidential Decree Law no. 3/12, of 16 March 2012 (hereinafter the “Presidential Decree”), an oil company – one which has its scope or object participating in oil operations – is deemed Angolan (= owned by Angolan) if the respective share capital are 100% owned by Angolan citizens.

1.2. Benefits to the Angolan oil company

The benefits granted to Angolan oil companies under the Presidential Decree are as follows:

  • Exemption from the signature bonus. Given the phase of the operations, this benefit is not applicable to this case;
  • Reduction of petroleum production tax rate from 50% to 30% (i.e., equal to the industrial tax rate);
  • Reduction of petroleum income tax rate from 65,75% to 30% (i.e., equal to the industrial tax rate);
  • Exemption from the contribution for the financing of the affiliates of the Concessionaire ;
  • Exemption from the contribution for
Allied Wallet Africa expands to Angola with regional office

Allied Wallet Africa, a global FinTech company offering various payment solutions in 196 countries, recently announced a new office in Angola, to support the growing opportunities for African entrepreneurs and business owners.

Millions of people are eager to engage in online commerce but lack proper support and functionality. South Africa has the largest e-commerce market in the continent with Nigeria and Kenya following closely, and people of the region are eager to trade and transact in the new digital space.

“Africa deserves the opportunity to participate in e-commerce, they deserve advancement,” said Allied Wallet Africa CEO Andy Khawaja, “We are happy to be chosen for this opportunity. We are dedicated to helping these entrepreneurs and creating new opportunities in the region.”

Allied Wallet Africa will bring new, ‘open API’ online payment solutions along with mobile payment options, digital wallet solutions, and even solutions catered to utility and payroll functions. …