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China's Race For African Resources and Global Dominance through the Belt & Road Initiative
  • China's ambition is to eclipse the United States as the leading economy in the world
  • The Belt and Road Initiative is China's idea to increase economic cooperation with countries along six economic corridors using resources which will be procured from Africa
  • Africa is not among the 6 corridors of the Belt & Road Initiative espoused by China but is the biggest if not the sole supplier of the basic resources necessary for the initiative to succeed
  • China has become a globally recognized military super power
  • China has the largest reserves of United States dollars of any country in the world.
  • Africa needs to become the 7th corridor of the Belt & Road Initiative
  • Africa's resources and China's nearly insatiable appetite for them present a golden opportunity for African countries to grow their economies and emerge out of poverty

China's President Xi Jinping's ambition is to make his country a superpower…