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A class in session using the BRCK tabs. BRCK has invested in digital classrooms where opportunities are given to children in preparation for what the tech future holds.

The challenge for Africa, however, remains about how it provides its youth with consistent and uniform knowledge and skills in preparation for the emerging world of work.…

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Nigeria’s technology Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), has taken total ownership of Kenya’s iHub for an undisclosed fee. The deal will see iHub’s team become part of CcHUB’s wider central support and strategy network, whilst retaining its name and senior management structure.

This is the second change of ownership for iHub which was in 2017 acquired by venture capital firm BSP Fund LLC.

An industry first for the African tech hub community, the acquisition of East Africa’s most prolific and reputable technology centre is the next step for CcHUB as it continues its mission to connect entrepreneurs, technologists and public bodies across the continent.

The move comes just seven months after CcHUB expanded into Kigali, Rwanda, with the launch of its Design Lab – the first creative space in Africa to focus solely on product design and technology innovation.

iHub, launched in 2010, is home to internationally-recognized companies such as BRCK and …