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China is expected to have a tough year 2023 but recovery of demand and import-export expected under president Xi Jinping. Photo/CNN
  • China reopening after lifting restrictions under the zero-Covid-policy
  • 2023 to be a tough recovery year for Beijing
  • President Xi Jinping to lead China recovery

As China is about to finish the Year of the Tiger in January in what was meant to be a year of recovery, what is in store for Sino-Africa relations?

President Xi Jinping has had his hands full this past few years the least of reasons not been the Covid-19 that has severely slumped China’s otherwise skyrocketing economic trajectory.

To keep its people safe and to some extent, to show the world that it is taking all measures to prevent the mistakes of 2019 that led to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it is a US-Euro politically triggered compliance, or its own strong arm, China has gone over and above the general world’s response post the pandemic.

Beijing, initiated its zero-Covid-policy, characterized by widespread …