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African governments are looking for the most feasible ways for their nations to flourish in the global economy.

The practical implementation of the AfCFTA, the expanding middle class, the evolving consumer market, enhanced use of financial technology and services, and the efficiency of the vibrant private sector will all be enablers of African export diversification and long-term economic growth.…

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Anglo American is a leading global mining company, with a world-class portfolio of mining and processing operations and undeveloped resources, with more than 95,000 people working for it around the world, in 15 countries. This company on the 29th of July announced its intention to disburse an additional US$2 billion to its shareholders through what it described as an on-market irrevocable and non-discretionary share buyback programme of $1 billion together with a special dividend of $0.80 per ordinary share, equal to $1 billion. All in all, the company intends to return at least US$4 billion in cash to its shareholders when what the company describes as its base dividend of US$4.1 billion is considered. 

Anglo American will repurchase up to 204.3 million shares in terms of the buy-back programme that started August 12 and ending no later than 14 February 2022. The US$2.1 billion ordinary dividends is being paid out…

While African countries have acted quickly to limit the spread of Covid-19, most of them are nevertheless confronting enormous challenges as they strive to keep the pandemic under control and mobilize the financial resources needed to support health systems, protect vulnerable population groups and support the recovery.
After a contraction of 3.4 per cent in 2020-the first in 27 years and the largest on record-Africa is projected to achieve a modest recovery, with regional GDP expanding by 3.4 per cent in 2021 and 3.6 per cent in 2022. …