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Political instability and Africa's economic growth

Given these large costs and the effect on Africa’s economic growth, it remains imperative to prevent the prevalence of conflicts. Several economic and structural factors, including low-income levels, poor growth outcomes, weak governance, state capacity, and inequality of opportunity—especially across ethnic, religious, and regional groups—increase the likelihood of conflict. Addressing these challenges would address political instability in Africa and prevent conflict.…

FAO says that in addition to lost agricultural assets, the state of core basic services across northern Ethiopia is impeding relief efforts.

“Electricity and fuel are lacking, cash and credit are not to be found, and there is only one functional road in and out of the region”, noted Paulsen.

According to the organization, the conflict commenced at the peak of what would have been the main Maher season harvest before many households had the opportunity to harvest their crops.…

A small vegetable garden which can be used to sufficiently feed a family.

Consequences of conflict also mean that the most affected may not be able to return to productivity if land, equipment and other resources used to produce food are destroyed.…

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