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President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) to prepare harmonised COVID-19 protocols that will ensure participants are safe during the African Union meetings scheduled for February next year.

President Kenyatta emphasized that the protocols will determine whether the African Union (AU) meetings will be virtual or physical given the challenges occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention should give protocols that they think will ensure participants are safe and that will determine whether we will have virtual or physical meetings,” the President said.

President Kenyatta spoke Thursday evening during a virtual meeting of the Bureau of the Assembly of the AU Heads of State and Government and chairpersons of the Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

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The meeting was convened by President Cyril Ramaphosa of …

When Covid-19 hit the World, the West assumed that Africa, poor, dirty Africa, will be washed down the drains, through filthy open sewage ways and into the depths of the Earth, again they were wrong about the Motherland.

One of the World’s richest men, Bill Gates, predicted that ten million lives would be wiped out by the virus. The assumption was that Africa will not be able to respond appropriately and fast enough, hell, how could they, after all the US and all of Europe had failed.

However, Africa proved all of them wrong, Africa was fast, Africa was precise and Africa was willing to change. Overnight, sanitizers appeared in every doorway, buckets of water and soap greeted you at every entrance, no more hugging, no handshakes, the crowded busses were brought down to level seats and borders were closed.

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green corona

The battle against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tanzania is gaining a new face, as the country anticipates to fight the virus with over 45 strategies underway, following the nationwide agenda to curb the spread of the virus.

45 Strategies

According to information from The Citizen, the government chief spokesperson, Dr Hassan Abbasi who was one of the main speakers during the virtual leadership forum hosted by Mwananchi Communications (a media-company in Tanzania) on May 14, said that the strategies will be rolled out from the national to the community stage.

Hence the handful virus fight strategies will be driven by an executive secretariat committee of seven to nine members, according to the spokesperson.

He said, “We have three special committees, one which deals with both Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar is headed by the Prime Minister”.  As the plans are intended to touch both bases (National and community level) Dr.Abbasi …

The globe is at a stand-still position and Africa is hurting and expected to also sustain serious repercussions from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has already claimed nearly 2,000 lives, infected over 60,000 people and around 21,000 managed to recover According to the latest data by the John Hopkins University and Africa Center for Disease Control on COVID-19 in Africa.

The pandemic has brought rather crucial ideas from South Africa’s President and African Union chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa on Africa requesting a two-year debt standstill to provide governments with the fiscal space to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

As the world strives to attain a balance between staying safe and breathing life back to the economy, Africa is taking the entire perspective of the pandemic on its axis, while other nations move around several measures, some African nations have managed to somewhat contain the virus to a certain extent.


Africa risk being left to nurse Covid-19, long after world heals

On Sunday, May 10th, statistics from the WorldOmeter showed that New York state had recorded 41 fatalities in 24 hours, down from a high of almost two thousand deaths in Mid April. This was a significant drop in deaths with total US fatalities dropping to below a thousand.

This is a similar drop being recorded all over the world with record low levels being recorded in European hotspots of Italy, France, Spain, and United Kingdown with figures almost going to double digits. It is expected that the effects of the disease might not be felt in a few months.

However, as global figures decline, the same can not be said of Africa which has since a significant rise, blatant disobeying containment measures, and rise of unscientific measures to curb the disease. According to Africa CDC, the AU backed entity, there are 63,293 confirmed cases spread across the continent with 2,290 …


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken a new stage in Tanzania, as the country registers two more deaths and the number of infected patients of the contagious virus rises to 32.

According to information from Tanzania’s health minister Ummy Mwalimu, the two deaths are male Tanzanians aged 51 and 57 whose cases were reported on April 8.

Hence, the five patients are four men aged 68, 57, 54, 41, and one woman aged 35 all residents of the nation’s commercial, capital Dar es Salaam.

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According to the minister, the number now stands at 32 after the Zanzibar (semi-autonomous region of Tanzania) health minister earlier in the day announced two new cases on the Isles.

“Of the 32 cases recorded so far, five have healed and discharged, 24 others are still receiving treatment whereas three have passed on,” said the Minister in …

Kenya coronavirus

Sub-Saharan Africa governments funding needs may rise by almost $75 billion due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) downplaying their economies, according to information from Goldman Sachs Group.

This particular insight comes into the play as last month, African finance ministers called for a $100 billion stimulus package, including suspension of debt to help the youngest continent combat the coronavirus pandemic, which has already registered a $29 billion dent to the economy so far and still counting.

According to the global investment bank, economists in London, Dylan Smith and Andrew Matheny, the pandemic could have a serious toll on the continent’s fragile fiscal pillars.

“Possibly the most severe impact of the crisis will be on already stretched fiscal balances. Budget deficits would likely rise from an average of around 3.5 per cent to high single digits, even before any loosening to soften the economic effects of the corona-crisis,” said Smith and …

Naija Corona

Nigeria, Africa’s populous and largest economy is planning to raise about $6.9 billion from various multilateral lenders to assist their efforts towards curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to information from Bloomberg, the nation’s Finance Minister Zainab Ahmed told reporters Monday in the capital, Abuja that, the government will seek $3.4 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), $2.5 billion from the World Bank and a further $1 billion.

The highly contagious pandemic has hit the region’s largest economy hard as plummeting oil prices and capital flight threaten to push the economy into recession. Nigeria has reported over 230 cases of the coronavirus and 5 deaths so far.

Bloomberg reported that Fitch Ratings earlier on Monday followed S&P’s March 26 decision to downgrade Nigeria’s credit rating further into junk territory, citing its dependence on oil, which represent about half of the government revenue.

However, Nonso Obikili, head …

A themometer pointed at a person BBC

Tanzania, East Africa’s populous nation has confirmed today April 1 another coronavirus (COVID-19) case, totalling the national case at number 20, the Ministry of Health revealed.

According to the ministry, the patients is a 42-year-old female American national, who was in contact with an infected person, who also travelled abroad before returning to Tanzania.

So far, the patients are spread out in three regions, and according to the Minister of Health Ummy Mwalimu statement to the public, two patients have already recovered, and one died yesterday March 31.

The highly contagious pandemic made its way to Tanzania a month ago via a female Tanzanian national who returned from Belgium, since then—Tanzania has been on its toes rolling in several measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

Also, coronavirus cases have reached over 5,500 and almost more than 170 death have been reported across the continent.

Currently, Tanzania has closed-down …

If there is anything that the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic across the world leading to partial or total lockdown in several countries has taught us, is that we need to be prepared financially for any eventualities today more than ever.

Barely two months ago, people across the world were planning and budgeting for the New Year without the realization that soon many would be losing employment or experiencing a cut of their normal income.

The global pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. This is an unprecedented time of trying to manage our lives behind closed doors, reaching out to those who need our help, and somehow remain afloat with the minimal income we have left.

Although the pandemic is just in its early stages in East Africa and most African countries, we should be learning from other countries like China and Italy. If we adapt to …