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World Economic Forum 2023

The continent as always, has great promise. This was the unanimous conclusion from the just-ended World Economic Forum, which is traditionally held at the Swiss resort town of Davos every year. However, significant obstacles stand in the way of the continent reclaiming its mantle of economic growth.

  • The World Economic Forum held in Davos every has just ended. This year’s conference ran under the theme of Collaboration in a fragmented world.
  • Africa was on the agenda of the World Economic Forum as is frequently the case.
  • Discussions on Africa at the conference mainly centred on how the continent can regain its growth trajectory.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) identified four principal factors causing economic headwinds in Africa and will stall its economic growth as a continent unless dealt with. The so called “stallers” of Africa’s economic growth are and will remain as conflict, COVID, climate, and cost of living.


Rising in Africa

This year’s progress has been threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has caused a global economic shock that has hit Africa at a time when the government’s policy space to respond to it is small to nonexistent.…

Rise of Cost of living in East Africa as taxes increase

The cost of living in East Africa has risen with the governments shifting the debt repayment burden to businesses and households by increasing taxes.

According to data from the national bureaus of statistics, in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, an increase in fuel prices as well as weaker local currencies has also contributed to the prices of essential commodities like milk, bread, groceries, oil and fruits.

According to the Bank of Tanzania (BOT), Monetary Policy Statement released early this year, inflation in 2020 was estimated at 5.2 per cent in the East African region which was within EAC convergence criteria of not more than eight percent but higher than 3.2 per cent in 2019.

In March, Uganda posted an increase in the overall monthly inflation which rose to 4.1 per cent from 4.1 per cent in February while Kenya also recorded an increase of 5.9 per cent …

Cost of living in African cities

The Mercer 2020 gives the cost of living in African cities giving the most expensive and least expensive cities to live in Africa in its Cost of living survey.

The annual survey ranks cities cost of living based on the prices of goods and services such as rent, food and clothing.

The survey is mostly used by multinational organisations to set remuneration packages for their foreign-based employees.

“The Covid-19 pandemic reminds us that sending and keeping employees on international assignments is a huge responsibility and a difficult task to manage,” said Ilya Bonic, career president and head of Mercer Strategy.

According to the report, in East Africa, Kampala Uganda is the least expensive city to live in while Nairobi Kenya is the most expensive city, Kigali Rwanda takes the second least-expensive city followed by Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania.

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The report sampled 40 …