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Blinken Urges Rwanda and Congo to End Support for Warring Militias

Blinken stated that Kagame and Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi had decided to handle the conflict in eastern Congo directly.

Officials from the United States and Rwanda estimate that more than 130 armed groups are operating in eastern Congo, which has turned into a battlefield for militias that have killed and maimed people while making billions of dollars from the smuggling of minerals out of the region rich in natural resources.

The Congolese government and other African governments provide many of the organisations with weapons and funding.…

Jervois has completed its merger with eCobalt after receiving eCobalt’s nod from its Canadian shareholders and Supreme Court of British Columbia approvals. According to a joint announcement, following the successful completion of the Arrangement, all conditions precedent have been met and settlement of the A$16.5 million equity placement in Jervois has occurred.

The expanded company has projects in Australia, East Africa, and the US, including eCobalt’s Idaho Cobalt project, which boasts the highest combination of cobalt grade and scale in North America.

The acquisition of M2 Cobalt gave Jervois an entry into Uganda, complementing its East African strategy looking at opportunities around the historic Kilembe mine and Kasese cobalt refinery.

Idaho Cobalt Project has been renamed Idaho Cobalt Operations (“ICO”) to reflect its advanced stage of development and Jervois’s intention to transform the site into a mining operation. The site has had an estimated US$100 million invested to date in …