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  • Digitization of logistics and compliance with sustainability policies will shape the future of logistics in African markets.
  • Digitalization involves the development of digital platforms that match supply to demand, whether it be courier apps that deliver groceries or platforms that coordinate freight delivery.
  • Sustainability significantly overlaps with compliance and regulatory requirements. This means stricter regulations on emissions from logistics vehicles, monitoring of cargo ship pollution, and other issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive damage to global supply chains, with challenges including route congestion and blockages, a global shortage of key logistics components including shipping containers, lack of space in warehouses, a spike in transportation costs, and substantially increased demand for goods around the world, post-lockdown.

Supply chain stability is also under question due to increased tensions as the Russian-Ukraine war drags on.

According to The Africa Logistics, measures to heal and strengthen ailing chains include digitizing parts of the supply …