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  • Agro-business has emerged as one of the most promising fields, whether for small or large enterprises, due to the chronic shortage in food production in the nation. 
  • The estimated 70% gap in energy access in Mozambique creates a market that is drawing more attention from renewable energy investors
  • Financial markets are showing promise of good returns, including forex and cryptocurrencies

The World Bank projects Mozambique will grow by 5.7 percent between 2022 and 2024 driven by increased demand post-pandemic and the start of LNG production. This is expected to stimulate other sectors including extractives, services and boost exports.

Analysts agree that transportation and logistics, energy, ICT, capital markets, agribusiness, banking, insurance, and textiles provide enormous potential for commercial success in Mozambique.

Pedro Correia, Country Manager of Flying Submarine, says a number of sectors are ripe for investment and growth due to the changing business and regulatory environment.

Yet, there is …

Open a company in Mozambique

This article aims to give a general overview about the path towards the opening of a company in Mozambique, bearing in mind the opportunities that the Mozambican Market currently offers and the challenges potential investors may have in understanding the basis and ethos of the legal regime.
First, it is fundamental to explain briefly the more common types of companies before describing more profoundly the legal formalities needed to start a business.

The legislation regulating the incorporation of a company in Mozambique is foreseen in the Mozambican Commercial Code (CCM), enacted by Decree-Law 2/2005 of December 27, which was last amended by Decree-Law 1/2018 of May 4. There are three types of unlimited liability companies (partnerships, limited partnerships and partnerships by shares) and three types of limited liability companies (capital and industry companies, private limited liability companies and public limited liability companies). The focus of this analysis will lay on …