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  • Since its inception in 2017, ZACU has made rapid strides toward being one of the most successful internet streaming service providers in East Africa
  • 19% of Rwandan households owned a TV in 2019, therefore the country’s 9.37 million mobile phone users make a considerably more viable business for digital content creators
  • Canal + already serves consumers in both Anglophone and Francophone West Africa, and it already has 23.7 million members all over the world

As part of its strategy to further consolidate its position in East Africa, the French company Canal+ Group has announced that it will be purchasing ZACU TV, Rwanda’s first digital streaming platform.

After recent forays into film production in West Africa, this current endeavor indicates that the French media behemoth recognizes the untapped potential of independent film production in Africa as an attraction for the growing on-demand viewership across the continent.

The decision to expand into …

The Government of Rwanda has announced an agreement with KOKO Networks (“KOKO”) to develop the nation-wide renewable cooking fuel utility that is said to be the first in the world, an initiative that will increase the use of clean energy for cooking in the East African country.

KOKO, Kenya’s clean energy firm has partnered with Dalberg, a global group of businesses that builds an inclusive and sustainable world, to establish KOKO Rwanda, in order to develop a nation-wide network that is expected to enable convenient clean fuel access for all Rwandans.

Network of Bioethanol Cooking Fuel ATMs will enable convenient access to ultra-clean cooking fuel for all Rwandan homes, replacing deforestation-based charcoal.

According to Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rwanda is targeting universal access to clean cooking by 2030, in order to solve the deforestation, carbon emissions, and indoor air pollution deaths caused by the use of charcoal and wood for …

The East African country is in a booming phase. Innovations in the financial sector have played a significant role in catapulting Rwanda’s economy. Economic growth has ballooned at an average of 7.2% per year. 


Mobile banking, communication networks development and growth-oriented policies have seen the country’s financial sector fostering growth in the economy. Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing nations in Africa. Significant progress has been made, considering the political landscape the country was coming from, post the horrific 1994 genocide. …

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TradeMark East Africa has been feted by the Rwanda Trade body Private Sector Federation (PSF) for its work in reducing barriers to trade in Rwanda.

TMEA recently announced its new strategy in Rwanda, injecting over US$ 50Million in various projects ranging from physical infrastructure development on Lake Kivu to building digital trade platforms.

East Africa is one of the fastest growing blocs in the world, however, the potential of the EAC in regard to growing regional trade is yet to be fully achieved.

“This is partially due to the fact that as individual member countries pursue their national industrial policies, they are likely to implement measures that counter regional integration obligations. As a result, trade disputes and non-tariff barriers persist,” Kenya Association of Manufacturers CEO Ms Phyllis Wakiaga said in a statement.

During the presentation of the award at the inaugural Golden Business Forum (GBF), held in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, …