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Oil and Gas- The Exchange

For decades now, the word Somalia has become synonymous to malnutrition. You hear Somalia and the first picture that comes into your head is that of the scrawniest infant you have ever seen; hairless, ribs, collar bones and cheeks bones protruding so much it seems the child has no skin, just a pigment on the skeleton. 

That is the poor, malnourished Somalia we have all grown up to hear about. In fact, the only other picture of Somalia is not any better, now you hear Somalia and you think pirates; thin, malnourished pirates wielding the menacing Russian made Kalashnikovs.  

Why? History would have us believe it is just ill fate that befell the country, it geographical location is its very curse, a desert by the sea. If you don’t give it a second thought, you may just end up feeling sorry for Somalia. 

However, what is the difference