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I have been working in the investment industry for nearly 33 years. Over that time I have made a few mistakes and have had many successes. This week one of my clients, a very successful young Kampala man, told me that whilst he had made a lot of money in business he had lost a lot of money that he had invested. He asked me what advice I would give him to help him make better investments. Based on my experience here are ten “DO´s and DON´Ts” for successful investment:

  1. DON´T do it if you don´t fully understand it

If you don´t understand EXACTLY how an investment works then either you are being scammed or the person promoting the investment isn´t competent enough to trust with your money. If you are unsure about any aspect of the investment don´t do it!!!!

  1. DON´T ever invest money that you may need quickly

The Doing Business 2020 study shows that developing economies are catching up with developed economies in the ease of doing business.

Still, the gap remains wide. An entrepreneur in a low-income economy typically spends around 50 per cent of the country’s per-capita income to launch a company, compared with just 4.2 per cent for an entrepreneur in a high- income economy. It takes nearly six times as long on average to start a business in the economies ranked in the bottom 50 as in the top 20.

There’s ample room for developing economies to catch up with developed countries on most of the Doing Business indicators. Performance in the area of legal rights, for example, remains weakest among low- and middle-income economies.

Doing Business recognizes the important work countries have done to improve their regulatory environments. Among the 10 economies that advanced the most, efforts were focused on the areas …