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I have been working in the investment industry for nearly 33 years. Over that time I have made a few mistakes and have had many successes. This week one of my clients, a very successful young Kampala man, told me that whilst he had made a lot of money in business he had lost a lot of money that he had invested. He asked me what advice I would give him to help him make better investments. Based on my experience here are ten “DO´s and DON´Ts” for successful investment:

  1. DON´T do it if you don´t fully understand it

If you don´t understand EXACTLY how an investment works then either you are being scammed or the person promoting the investment isn´t competent enough to trust with your money. If you are unsure about any aspect of the investment don´t do it!!!!

  1. DON´T ever invest money that you may need quickly