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For almost a decade, Kenya diversified its industrial foundation under Kibaki and improved the logistical distribution especially seaport and airport which eased the penetration of goods and services within East Africa.

Nairobi remained relatively robust financially until the end of the first term of Kibaki’s successor, President Uhuru Kenyatta.…

Slawek Muturi has seen all of it. He has been to each UN-recognized country at least twice, joining a group of just a handful individuals to achieve this fete, and now plans to be the only person to have visited all the 193 countries in a single year when he embarks on his global tour in 2021.

Born in Poland to a Kenyan father and Polish mother, Muturi has carried the country of his father close to his heart. So much has been the love that in several instances, he singlehandedly negotiated trade deals between Poland and Kenya and boosted tourist numbers significantly.

It all started on a chilly October morning of 2004. Though Muturi had grown and schooled in Kenyan schools including Kenyatta Mwatate, Alliance High School and prestigious St Mary School, he had not reached a level where he would interact with senior government officials.

On this October, …