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Uganda In Fresh Bid To Ease The Doing Of Business In EAC

The overall gross domestic product of the EAC in 2019 was 193 billion dollars. The inclusion of the DRC might either stand as an opportunity or a burden. Who knows? Only time will tell.

The President of the FEC-Goma, for his own part, according to Bercky Chirimwami, “We are eager to enhance the capacity of businesspeople in the DRC to successfully do business in the EAC Common Market.” He advised businessmen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to search for opportunities in international commerce and investments.

During the Business Meeting, participants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s business community gained insight into the possibilities presented by the EAC Common Market. In order to facilitate more B2B networking, the EABC entered into a partnership with the FEC-Goma to implement awareness campaigns on EAC procedures, the African Due Diligence Platform (Mansa), and the East African Trade and Investment Mission to …

East African Community (EAC) countries rank among the top 20 global trades markets with the potential to grow their economies.

This is despite the existing trade disputes and prevalence of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) in the region.

A new study carried out by the British Standard Chartered Bank shows that Kenya leads the East Africa region in terms of putting in place the right foundations to support future growth trade such as physical and digital infrastructure, e-commerce and ease of doing business.

Uganda and Tanzania followed while Rwanda and Burundi were not included in the study.
Kenya was ranked second after china globally with Uganda coming at number 17 and Tanzania number 19.

According to the report, Kenya is the only East African Community country that has improved its trade readiness, which is paying off through investments in infrastructures and improvement in its business environment.
Tanzania has made significant steps in …