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Nuclear Energy Africa
  • Energy poverty remains one of the biggest body blows slowing growth in many regions in Africa.
  • About 650 million people in Africa lack access to electricity, hindering economic growth and human development while worsening the quality of life.
  • Experts agree that nuclear energy’s ability to operate efficiently for decades can be a game-changer in plugging the continent’s energy needs.

Energy poverty remains one of the biggest body blows slowing growth in many economies in Africa. Across Africa, energy poverty, which is manifest in over 650 million people lacking access to electricity, is hindering economic growth. This challenge further slows human development besides worsening the overall quality of life.

It is against this backdrop that experts at the African Energy Week in Cape Town delved into a discussion exploring how countries can tap nuclear power to meet Africa’s energy demands and put an end to energy poverty.

Nuclear power can

An LNG tanker. The decarbonisation component of LNG represents key drivers of LNG-to-power projects across the continent.

A report by Africa Oil & Power (AOP) shows that the appeal of natural gas as a viable energy source has grown rapidly over the past decade. The primary drivers of this demand include reduced costs in comparison to traditional fossil fuels; mounting pressure from the global energy transition; and the growing demand for alternative power generation solutions across Africa. 

Accordingly, the emergence of both Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) markets has been driven by increased investment, in a bid to address energy security, diversification and electrification challenges. …