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In the wake of circulating rumours that the European Union (EU) has resolved to withhold 626 million Euros in grant money, Tanzania has gone on the defense and denounced the rumours as false, unfounded and misleading. 

Tanzania’s Ambassador to Belgium, Jestus Nyamanga took to social media to deliver a video response to the ‘unfounded allegations,’ which he described as bias, malicious and meant to stir confusion among the public. 

“There are no talks to impose any sanctions on Tanzania…” he said, and  added allegations purported that the EU Parliamentary Committee session held on November 20 in Brussels had resolved to withhold grant money to Tanzania and was deliberating economic sanctions on the country. 

“This is not true,” the Ambassador asserted, “…the meeting  was a regular session of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and that session did not issue any resolution on Tanzania.” 

According to the Ambassador, the

The European Union commission is giving €64.7 million in its humanitarian aid for countries in the southern Africa region.

The funds are to help support people in need dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, extreme weather conditions such as persistent drought and other crises in the region.

“The EU is helping to provide life-saving assistance to impoverished households suffering from crop and livestock losses due to drought. The aid package will also strengthen the preparation and response to the coronavirus pandemic for countries in the region. In parallel, the EU is helping communities better prepare for natural hazards and reduce their impact.”  Said Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management.

Funds from this package will go towards humanitarian projects with Botswana getting €1.95 million, Comoros €500,000, Angola €3 million, Eswatini €2.4 million, Mozambique €14.6 million, Namibia €2 million,  Lesotho €4.8 million, Madagascar €7.3 million, Malawi €7.1 million, Mauritius €250,000, Zambia €5 million …

The European Union (EU) is set to provide over $57 million as development aid to Tanzania, marking a return of EU in the Tanzanian development landscape after the partner’s relations were married two years ago over human rights and rule of law concerns.

According to The Citizen, the EU Head of Delegation to Tanzania Manfredo Fanti revealed the release of the funds yesterday at State House, in Dar es Salaam, during a meeting with the Tanzanian President John Magufuli.

It was the first major funding announcement by the EU bloc which in December 2018 withheld 96 million in annual financial support to Tanzania amid a diplomatic fallout.

The EU is Tanzania’s biggest development partner, receiving over $100 million every year.

Also, the EU Deputy Head of Delegation, Emilio Rossetti revealed to The Citizen that the planned disbursements were assessed and finally approved in December 2019 after technical discussions.

“The implementation …