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Tanzania is one of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member states with strategic port spheres, that stand to prove billions, under strategic import and export situations.

Bank of Tanzania (BoT), indicates East Africa’s growing economy, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stands at 6.6 per cent, while construction, transport activities and agriculture (raw material producer) account for 65.1 per cent of the output growth.

An array of materials gets shipped off Tanzania which include minerals—gold and agricultural products such as cashew nuts, coconut, sisal, coffee, and raw cotton.

On the same note, BoT September economic review, paints a rather promising perspective commenting that: exports of goods and services amounted to $921.8 million in August 2019 compared with $ 714.8 million in the preceding month, of which export of goods increased to $ 635.1 million from USD 408.9 million.

Additionally, traditional goods exports (unprocessed minerals and agriculture-products) stood at $44.4 million compared with …