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Africa's food security


  • USAID commits $4 million to fertilizer use project in Africa
  • OCP Group commits another $3 million to the Rock Phosphate Amendment Project
  • African Leaders sign 10-year Action Plan to revive soils through fertilizer application

Africa’s Food Security

Africa’s food security relies on fertilizer access as the answer; the population is exploding, and climate change among other factors affecting food production, will more fertilizer solve this life-threatening puzzle?

The USAID seems to think so, more fertilizer, better-improved fertilizer, more affordable (questionable), all in all, the USAID is proposing fertilizer as a key solution to Africa’s food security.

“In a landmark move for African agricultural advancement, USAID and OCP Group, the world leader in plant nutrition solutions and phosphate-based fertilizers, have partnered to tackle critical barriers hindering Africa’s agricultural potential,” announces a recent press release from USAID.

The announcement comes on the heels of a visit by USAID Administrator Ms. Samantha …

The EU insists that it has not put sanctions on Russia's food and fertilizer export, yet the global supply of much-needed fertilizer is extremely short, is Russia hoarding fertilizer supplies? Photo/Siasat
  • EU insists it has not put sanctions on food and fertilizers from Russia
  • Malawi receives the first consignment of 20,000 tonnes of Russian fertilizers
  • The EU, UN might consider releasing more fertilizers and food embargoed at European ports to Africa

The EU insists that food and fertilizer are not part of the sanctions it has imposed on Russia due to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, yet the global supply of much-needed fertilizer is in short supply which begs the question; is Russia hoarding fertiliser supplies?

While the EU says it is not to blame, Russia says it is the Western sanctions that are causing the decrease in fertilizer exports. It only makes sense that Russia would hold back fertilizers to increase its own domestic food production in the face of future uncertainties in the still very volatile situation.

The sanctions on other sectors of Russia’s economy are spiralling to the …

At the close of 2022, between September to December, food prices soared around the world and with no signs of this abating in 2023, countries in Africa will have to move with speed to mitigate a looming food crisis. Photo/WFO

At the close of 2022, between September to December, food prices soared around the world and with no signs of this abating in 2023, countries in Africa will have to move with speed to mitigate a looming food crisis. 

Food inflation is particularly pronounced and severe in low-income and middle-income countries. According to most recent sector reports, up to 94.1% of low-income countries around the world suffer food inflation.

With increasing food prices, the cost of living is increasing, and it is no better in lower-middle-income countries of which 92.9% are contending with food inflation.

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Even the upper-middle-income countries are also facing food inflation with 89% reporting unprecedented double-digit inflation. 

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), maize prices in December 2022 went up by 27% while wheat shot up 13% higher compared to the same period in 2021.

As we

Africa remains heavily indebted and is striving to service her debts

Africa has stumbled headlong into what has been called the ‘perfect storm’’. From the heavy burden of debt servicing, the instability created by election cycles, geopolitics and war as well as the lingering threat of food insecurity caused by conflict and adverse weather conditions. Seemingly, the proverbial pandora’s box of horrors has been let ajar and the evils through different manifestations are ravaging the continent from all corners. However, as the Greek myth holds, only one thing is said to have been left in the box after it was shut; hope. Amid all the daunting troubles Africa is facing, hope for a better and prosperous Africa is the fuel to help the continent weather these ominous challenges.

We explore some of these existential challenges and some plausible solutions thereof.

Political Instability in Africa

Africa is no stranger to political instability and civil unrest which has stagnated most economies and impeded …