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  • Africa Development Bank (AfDB) has launched the Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanisms (AFFM) to boost purchase of the critical farm input across the continent.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns that Africa is spending less on agriculture development than the rest of the world.
  • AFFM has already secured $10.15 million in new funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

Shortage of fertilizer in Africa continues as the war between its main suppliers Russia and Ukraine enters the second year. To increase food productivity and security, African countries need increased access to fertilizer, nut until this dilemma is resolved, food security is off the table.

Access to fertilizer in Africa is very limited, where available, this basic agro-input for increased production is simply too expensive for effective use.

Such shortcomings were meant to be addressed by progressive initiatives such as the Maputo Agreement that was signed in Mozambique in…

Costs of Farm Inputs still a headache for Africa

In the months of May to July, Ololung’a market in Narok County has always been a busy spot with various agricultural activities happening in this maize-producing area. However, this year, everything seems relaxed and just a few tractors are packed by the roadside.

The rains have not been as promising and stretches of farms lie idle, un-ploughed. Pareiyo Oloomunyak, has always planted maize on his 17-acre farm. However, this year, he has reduced the area under production as the cost of ploughing and farm inputs has almost doubled.

He expects a reduced harvest but also prays for better payments from the sales he will make. He purchased a reduced number of bags of fertilizer which he sparingly applied to his farm against the advice of agricultural experts. “You find us using less fertilizer than recommended because we still want our crops to have a little boost, and maybe supplement with …

It is not yet another good year for the Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast the world’s biggest producer of the key ingredient for chocolate, as the prices of their commodity went down for the second year running.

This is contrary to M’Brimbo, a village in central Ivory Coast which 11 years ago became a testing ground for organic cocoa farming and today is prospering.

The local farmers’ collective, the Fair Cooperative Society of Bandama (SCEB), sell their high-quality produce at twice the market rate for non-organic cocoa.

“When producers are trained and well-paid, they can make very good cocoa in Ivory Coast,” said Arthur Gautier, an agronomist who works for Ethiquable, a French company that specializes in marketing fair-trade products and buys SCEB’s harvest.

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The chocolate made from their cocoa is sold in French supermarkets under the brand “Grand Cru M’Brimbo,” a name that …

Farmers in Tanzania can now access cheaper fertilizer for farm-production as Ministry of Agriculture reduces fertilizer costs.

In a press conference, on August 28th, the sector Minister Hon. Japhet Hasunga, highlighted the Tanzanian Bulk Procurement System (BPS) which he said operates on a competitive basis, said that the adjustment of the prices formula serves farmers’ interests.

Currently, fertilizer pricing will be based on a different formula, triggered by 12 percent decrease of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer (a favorable input in maize production in Tanzania) to the source, the government also revised pricing formulas within farming year 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 respectively.

Across regions in Tanzania, 3.4 to $ 4 are the prices per 50 kg DAP-fertilizer bag, equivalent to 13 to 17 percent decrease. A 25kg fertilizer bag is now selling at $2.17 to $2.61 equal to 14 to 19 percent decrease respectively.

A 15 DAP fertilizer bag is …