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Aderonke Alex-Adedipe and Fabio Scala

Further AfricaNigeria has a rich venture capital environment and in our new reality, startups will need to adapt to fund themselves. Fabio Scala from FurtherAfrica spoke to Aderonke Alex-Adedipe, a partner of Pavestones Nigeria to understand how the upcoming regulations will impact the market, particularly in regards to crowdfunding platforms and the eligibility and limitations companies may see in effect once the crisis is over.…

More start-ups across Africa will now have access to Microsoft software, services, funding, mentorship and technical support to help them scale and secure investment. Microsoft through its 4Afrika Initiative, has collaborated with SeedstarsGrowthAfricaAfriLabs and DEMO Africa to achieve this.

Microsoft, African youth to benefit from Microsoft and AfDB coding platform through its Microsoft for Start-ups initiative, has announced the launch of its Global Social Entrepreneurship programme at a plenary session of the Sankalp Africa Summit 2020.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship programme has benefits aimed at elevating start-ups addressing an important social and environmental challenge through their products, services or operations. As a platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and impact investing, the Sankalp Forum was the ideal place for Microsoft, a strategic partner of the forum, to make this important announcement.

“Solving global social and environmental challenges requires synergy of the right technology, partners, conducive environment and …