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Gas flaring challenge,

In the sub-Saharan region, approximately 75% of the population lives without access to reliable or stable energy. And yet, Africa flares around 40 billion cubic meters of gas(gas flaring), annually, of which 35 billion cubic meters are flared in sub-Saharan Africa. These statistics provided by ResearchGate highlight how much gas is being wasted and the importance of investing in solutions that minimise this in favor of changing the African power conversation.

Flaring does more than waste, it impacts citizens’ health. The ResearchGate analysis, for example, found that Nigeria flared 23 billion cubic metres annually, alone. And research by the Climate & Clean Air Coalition found that in Nigeria, some people had not seen the night sky for years. Around two million people along the Niger Delta living within kilometres of a gas flare that fights with the sun for dominance of the sky and they suffer